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Personal Achievements

Found and destroyed

Kill 10 Pirates.


Kill 100 Pirates.


Kill 1,000 Pirates.

First encounter

Kill 10 Aliens.

Prejudice in defense

Kill 100 Aliens.

Colony Destroyer

Kill 1,000 Aliens.

I'm elite too

Kill 1 Super Elite.

Elite Killer

Kill 10 Super Elites.

Found and Destroyed

Kill 100 Super Elites.

What was that thing?

Kill 1 Blob.

Avoid and Destroy

Kill 10 Blobs.

Blob Hunter

Kill 100 Blobs.

Player Down

Kill 1 Player.

Player Killer

Kill 10 Players.

PvP High

Kill 100 Players.

Pretty Particles!

Fire 1,000 shots.

Shoot or Die

Fire 10,000 shots.

Shoot to Kill

Fire 100,000 shots.

How do you stop shooting?

Fire 1,000,000 shots.

Isotope Explorer

Collect 10 Isotopes.

Certified Researcher

Collect 100 Isotopes.

Floating image

Find 10 Isotopes.

Not quite what I was looking for

Find 100 Isotopes.

I can haz drone!

Collect 100,000 Credits.

Money Bags

Collect 1,000,000 Credits.

Price on my head

Collect 10,000,000 Credits.

Insurance is great!

Die 10 Times.

Welcome to dying

Die 100 Times.

Target Neutralized

Join a squad and kill a max level player.

Halfway There

Obtain level 100.

Galaxy Defender

Obtain level 200.

No trouble for double

Obtain double xp from a high level kill.


Get denied experience from trivial kills.

Tough Kill

Kill something level 1,000 or higher.


Get killed by someone who is infected.


Modify a weapon using the Weapons Lab.

Little Buddy

Obtain an Autonomous Drone.

Taking the first step

Enter a PvP Zone.

Chain of Command

Achieve Maximum Rank.


Achieve maximum Isotope fitness.

Party on the go

Fill a squad with four players.


Win an arena match.

Ghost Killer

Kill an opponent while you are dead.

Highest serverwide burst DPS

Achieve 100k Damage per second.

Don't Gank Me Bro

Kill a player less than half of your level.

Bumper Cars

Collision full speed with another player.

Personal Space Invasion

Teleport or warp exactly onto another player.

Geonoid Kill

Kill one Geonoid.

Geonoid Destruction

Kill ten Geonoids.

Geonoid Annihilation

Kill 100 Geonoids.