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Personal Achievements

Beneath the Floorboards

Find a super secret

Sleep, Ophelia

Complete The Way of All Flesh on any difficulty

Forgive Me, Old Friend

Complete Even Death May Die on any difficulty

Rest in Pieces

Complete Farewell to Arms on any difficulty

Thine Is the Kingdom

Complete Dead Reckoning on any difficulty

The Nightmare Ends

Complete Cryptic Passage on any difficulty

Priest, Beast, Deceased

Complete Post Mortem on any difficulty

Swallow This

Kill a Choking Hand

Maranax MaranAAAHHHHHH

Kill 100 Cultists
0 / 100

I Die... Again

Kill yourself 10 times in single-player
0 / 10

Watch out for Pedestrians

Complete Ghost Town (E3M1) on any difficulty without any Innocents getting killed

Digestive Irritant

Find the secret level in The Way of All Flesh

Should Have Gone to the Beach

Find the secret level in Even Death May Die

Better Left Buried

Find the secret level in Farewell to Arms

Shopping Spree!

Find the secret level in Dead Reckoning

The Legend...

Find the secret level in Cryptic Passage

So Forgotten That They're Still Full of Cultists

Find the secret level in Post Mortem

Oh My God... You're Rabid!?

Exploit the Hellhound's greatest weakness

I'm Not Staying in This Freaking House Another Second

Complete The Haunting (E2M5) in under 40 seconds on any difficulty


Defeat the 3 Beasts of Beauty and the Beast (E6M8) in under 3 minutes on Well Done difficulty or above