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This is one of the most addictive, easy-to-play but hard to master games out there. Although I was not familiar with its predecessor on iOS (apparently that's where it came out first) I couldn't resist the great price, well polished (or Polished? - game devs are from Poland) experience and the appealing sense of simplicity. Seeing the controls help/options page at first was a bit confusing since every button is just CHOP - soon after I realized that the game is really that simple and each CHOP button has a direction (left or right).

Upon attempting to play with a keyboard, mouse and Xbox 360 controller I've settled on my mouse since it allows to click the fastest and it seemed I am already naturally used to LEFT and RIGHT click as two directions unlike keyboard buttons or controller buttons.

The gameplay is fun and although not many people seem to be indulging in the multiplayer component of it, you can still get some solid chopping in in single player mode.

Variety of unlockable skins/outfits/characters gives the game additional appeal and increases the desire to grind!

Highly recommended! Have fun and add me on Steam if you'd like to 1v1 :-)
Posted November 3, 2015.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries