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[1:37 PM] thca: geelong is an scp containment facility
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questionable taste
moebloke 16 hours ago 
hey man i’ve got this sphere here o was wondering if u culd turn it inside out without creasing and or pninching it? lmk thanks

moebloke out
CLUN[k] Jul 11 @ 1:46am 
This guy's favourite character is Eye of Webbish Bog 🙄
moebloke Jul 5 @ 11:00pm 
P=NP (Millennium Prize Problems) is 37(n+n+n)=nnn (for n=1 to 10). Sin (666) + Cos (6*6*6) = -1.618... (Golden Ratio Helix). (-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3+ 12602123297335631^3 = 42 Ergosphere Energy Extraction. Unit Circle, Sine (starts at 0), Cosine (starts at 1) without shifts, and Fourier Transform for phase data. Poles 0 and 1 on the Riemann Zeta Function. Go Richard Feynman's ~137 degrees counterclockwise on the clock/unit circle from the 12th hour to arrive at ~37.7 or whatever number it is closer to. Turning a sphere inside out cannot be done by the Ergosphere without violating the crease rule. Turning a sphere inside out requires 8 tori. These 8 tori represent 8 universes around the central singularity in the first multiverse group. The 37 on the clock represents the distance difference between a (alpha) + b (beta) over alpha which is the golden ratio (refer to the line segment description).
reign Jul 5 @ 10:59pm 
Gimbal physics for the event horizon which requires three rings in orthonormal bases just as the equation describes.