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Tanglewood takes you back to the golden age of 2D platformers: the 16-bit era!

Another World, Flashback, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, The Lion King, Sonic The Hedgehog... If you loved those games back in the days, you'll certainly love Tanglewood. Because not only it delivers a *TRUE* 16-bit experience as it also offers you a brand-new world of interesting characters, nicely detailed environments and polished puzzle-platformer gameplay mechanics.

The controls are fluid and responsive, using the classic arcade layout of three action buttons with one of them being reserved for jump. Tanglewood's 68000 assembly-programmed physics are very consistent and realistic, blending perfectly with the controls and delivering a very pleasant experience.
And as the game progresses and the story is unveiled you'll learn new abilities and face more challenging situations.

The music compositions are unique and make full use of both FM Synth and PSG sound chips. The tracks are played in key moments of the game, like in Flashback.
The game also uses its own unique sound effects package, so every sound was created especially for this game; unlike many other platformers on Steam. Furthermore, most of them aren't just PCM samples, but carefully composed FM and PSG-based effects.

Tanglewood's graphics use the Mega Drive's 9-bit master palette which is tailored for high contrast and vibrant colors.
The game sports *true* old school pixel art, limited to only four sub-palettes of 15 colors each and the native resolution of 320 x 224 pixels. Each one of background tiles and frames of animation were created pixel by pixel, with no digitized art or automated process whatsoever.

Pretty much everything in this game was created in the most laborious and careful way possible; and it shows.
You'll be intrigued by its world and addicted to its merciless gameplay in the roll of a fuzzl.
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