I'm a bit of an introvert. By this I mean I recharge when not dealing with people. So if I'm gaming or animating then chances are I'm not talkative. Don't take it personal - it's how I am. I like to block out distractions.

I enjoy kind people like any sane person does. Though patient I don't care for toxicity and normally won't react to it.

Typically I enjoy single player games more than multiplayer unless the multiplayer game is quite simple and to-the-point; "Killing Floor", "Team Fortress 2", ect.

*Friendshipping notice:
Due to numerous stories of scammers and hackers I'm cowardly with random friend invites. If I can't tell who you are (or easily ask who you on your profile page) I likely won't accept your friend invite.

*If you were inviting me to trade:
I'm not currently trading.
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There's both some good and some bad with this game.

The bad
  • Online quests, tournaments, online battles; these never happen.
  • According to the leader boards on the info booths the last tournament was 5 years ago in 2016. I've never yet seen anyone besides my friend walk over to the versus section, so there's not really any PVP to speak of for Xenoverse unless you and a friend plan to make it happen.
  • A very constant reminder of the lack of upkeep on the game is the ghost accounts standing around all of the time - characters of players that are frozen in place on the server and have probably been standing there for months or years. I've come to call servers by the characters on them; the "Yonderbag server" and the "Nuke Dukem server". I suspect there are far more than two servers, but that they're too full of ghosts for any legitimate player to log in.
  • I found a small but steady trickle of real people in the game. I even established friendship with a small sum of them. None of the new players stuck around longer than a few days though; having had their fill and moved on. It's hard to play an online game when everyone around you feels dead.

The Good
  • It has a lot of outfit options both from the show and original to the game. It even has things like Krillin's Orin monk robe, Kid Chichi's bikini armor, and the Red Ribbon outfits from the original anime back in the 1980s. I played with my characters outfit quite a bit in this game.
  • The gameplay is exactly what you'd expect after watching any Youtube video (it's more fun to play than watch of course). It feels like DBZ.
  • Every skill in the show is there, and every skill has it's own specific parameters. Even if they're not completely obvious at first. You caneither put something together that suits your play style the best, or you can try something brand new.

Customization Nitpick

One thing that seemed a bit strange to me though was the way they made the character's appearance factor so much into a character's capabilities. Tall and short affected HP max and movement speed, thick and thin affected strike damage and energy damage, male and female also affected melee and energy damage, and the various races all had their own stat boosts and reductions. Some even got their own race-specific powers - but I guess that part makes sense to me.

The outfits all add and reduce different stats. So while there are a lot of outfits you might feel forced to use the outfit that amplifies your preferred play style - which might mean you'll end up looking like a clone of everyone else doing the same thing, which feels like it takes away from the whole point of having various outfit options.


If the game were better maintained and had more active players running around I think it'd be a lot better. The single-player story mode was alright, but I don't think I would have enjoyed this as a whole if I didn't go into this with friends from the start.

To be clear: I did enjoy this game while I was playing it, but it's not worth 50 bucks - even if you're a Dragon Ball fan. It goes on sale for $15 regularly though.

At the point of this review I've played Xenoverse 2, and I can safely say it has everything the original Xenoverse has but more - including the same quests, skills, outfits, characters, and (most importantly) an active community and maintenance. Your character from the first game will be a supportive NPC in the second game, but you can completely skip the first game and just get the second one if you just want the better game.

I had recommended this game at one point. The only reason I don't now is because Xenoverse 2 has everything Xenoverse 1 had to offer, and more. With most sequels they coem out with something new to extend off from teh original. That's not the case here: part 2 has everything the original had; copy-paste plus new stuff. Because of that I can't recommend bothering to get the original.
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Heads up for anyone else he might try to contact subbed to my comments:
[DEFN] Castleson (can see him earlier in comments) is a scammer. If he offers you anything then block him. If he implies/claims to have hacked your account then also block him. Don't believe him.

He was on my friend list for a year or two before he made a move. He one day randomly offered a large amount of money like a prize giveaway - he just needed my Steam/Paypal login information. I declined.
A few days later he put together some pictures that *looked* like screenshots of my account from the inside (specifically the password changing screen) and made demands to give him specific items or he'd steal the whole account. I declined.

Watch out for him.
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