aKrstNnN [:> :^)
Kristiyan "aKrstN" Mladenov   Burgas, Burgas, Bulgaria
AGE: 15
FaceIT [www.faceit.com]
ESEA [play.esea.net]
Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
CSGO MM Rank: The Global Elite

1v3 clutch [clips.twitch.tv]
ez 4k xDDD [clips.twitch.tv]
1v4 clutch [clips.twitch.tv]
lol 4k pistol round lolol [clips.twitch.tv]

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Me vs Symfuhny
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Me vs ItsMement0 [clips.twitch.tv]

☛ Stay low, go fast.
☛ Kill first, die last.
☛ One shot, one kill.
☛ No luck, all skill.
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Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00GHz
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti
Ram: 16.00 GB
Systemtype: Windows 10, 64-bit

Keyboard: Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS
Mouse: Logitech G403 Prodigy
Monitors: Dell 21,5" 60Hz, AOC 27" 60Hz 4ms
Headset: Corsair VOID Wireless Dolby 7.1

CSGO Settings
Sensitivity: 1.0
DPI: 800

Current Clan & Main Group
LionShieldBulgaria (Founder & Owner)
KrstNTANK_ Stream (Founder & Owner)

These are my favourite quotes:
"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate." - Jack Sparrow
"Don't worry, it'll work out somehow." - Yoh Asakura
"Do or do not... there is no try" - Yoda
"This world is merciless, and it's also very beautiful." - Mikasa Ackerman
"Your focus determines your reality." - Qui-Gon Jinn
"This is how you fight for what you believe in, when anyone else doubts you...."
"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying." - Tony Robbins
"The greatest mistake is to continue to practice a mistake." – Bobby Bowden
"It is not all about talent. It’s about dependability, consistency, being coachable, and understanding what you need to do to improve." – Bill Belichick

Here's some advices from me:
:csgostar: "Everything doesn't go right? Go left."
:csgostar: "If life gives you question, Google answers."
:csgostar: "Keep your opinion to yourself unless you're being asked."
:csgostar: "Read the manual or readme first before use."
:csgostar: "When ever someone does something good for you, do something good for someone else. If someone gives you a gift, give someone else a gift. If someone compliments you, then give compliments to someone else."
:csgostar: "If you're planning to buy games on Steam but not gonna play it anytime soon, buy it as a gift instead, might be come in handy somehow."
:csgostar: "Whatever you do, always assume that the internet is a dangerous place. Why? Because IT IS!"

Here's an advice in Bulgarian:
:csgostar: ''Неуспехът е огромна част от успеха. Трябва да се чувствате комфортно с провала. Неизпълнението е там, където всички уроци са. Успешните хора се провалят много, те се провалят много повече, отколкото успяват, но те извличат поуките от провала и използват тази енергия и мъдрост, за да стигнат до следващата фаза на успеха. Трябва да направим изстрел, с който да живеем в края на своите способности. Трябва да живеем, където сме почти сигурни, че ще се провалим. Това е причината за практиката, практиката е контролирана неуспех. Практикувай, докато стигнеш до точката, която изведнъж си мислиш, че прави корекцията и след това можеш да достигнеш до успеха. Неуспехът ви помага да разпознаете областите, в които трябва да се развиете!'' - bubble <3 <3

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65 hrs on record
last played on Jul 16
1,421 hrs on record
last played on Jul 15
Tomch0 Jun 24 @ 11:09am 
signed by FaZe Tomch0
GG Xandaler Jun 16 @ 2:03pm 
enjoy the vacation bro
Hitboxes' Jun 11 @ 8:16am 
+rep cheating bulgarian faggot with some crap wallhack that he bought from his local shops.
aKrstNnN [:> :^) Jun 4 @ 11:07am 
can tell the same about you man will miss you <3
fr0st Jun 4 @ 8:14am 
+rep was really friendly and a good player. Great working with you as a friend and team player. Wish you the best of luck bro!
DKZ- May 19 @ 11:13pm 
Singed by DKZ :steamhappy: