i just wanna play hl :((
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disregard women, acquire dpm

good song

:match_fire:Pyro for Train Station [rgl.gg] RGL HL Season 3, Intermediate - lmao [docs.google.com]
:match_fire:Pyro for Train Station [rgl.gg] RGL HL Season 4, Main (2nd place)
:match_fire:Pyro Sub for The Night Crew [rgl.gg] RGL HL Season 5, Adv
:match_fire:Pyro Sub for The Frat House [rgl.gg] RGL HL Season 6, Adv
:match_fire:Pyro for Flow [rgl.gg] RGL HL Season 7, Adv

i live on steel

:green_spark: funny moments storage
:green_spark: i am an enigma [clips.twitch.tv]
:green_spark: gimme [backpack.tf]
:green_spark: my famous cameo (we rolled that match smh)
:green_spark: i am the greatest medic to ever grace this game [logs.tf]
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i still can't use photoshop
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HinoLast Monday at 11:36 PM
res is my favorite up-and-coomer in rgl

Jimbob 01/27/2020
You guys know the pyro for the team "Train Station"?
He is really bad and I hate him

UnusualCheeseCalzone: @res_09 resolution pyro tf2

Soap 03/16/2020
im going to squash u like bug

geen 03/25/2020
res you will go into the suitcase

Cory Clark 04/16/2020
this guys ♥♥♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥ 7/1/2020
aight someone get these men some fedoras

benpete420 8/10/2020
do they think they have a right their life? i don't think so!

Xuis 8/21/2020
i got 20 seconds and no idea what master chief looks like

cKrow 11/2/2020
but listen to res hes cool or soemthing idk

blue99 11/2/2020
that man will tell me to shut the ♥♥♥♥ up and call me a highlander player

Antiope-D Man 11/9/2020
the universe is infinite, surely there's an RGB planet out there

Ryuk 11/19/2020
you didnt do ♥♥♥♥ until i decloaked then you were like "wow i really feel like spinning now"

CraftKitty 2/8/2021
everyone's got a little femboy in them


hanalewlew: how is res getting so many med kills

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