Kappa Tarou
In humans, it is not. It is a Kappa.:summerufo:
Travian JP3 Kappaking
Load of Monsters 3 Total Commander Kappa
Pa Pa Pa! Dappayo!

I Love SETI ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ha.... binbou himanasi ...

Blog shipwreck of the "Kappa mummy" [hosimono-kappa.cocolog-nifty.com]


Recently, because account hijacking terror is many, we do not accept unknown people.
Who is it?


To my friend
The games I have on Steam's Wish List are certainly interesting.
However, if there is no language Mod or official language support, we are looking at it.
Don't worry, worry about your other friends.
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ブーンε=ε((( っ・Θ・)っ パァ───ヽ(o'Θ'o)───ッ!


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Normally it is for my texts and notes. :)

The number of secrets that I knew too much, my heart gets heavier.
When you reduce the number of secrets, your mind will disappear.
Own? No, of others.

Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.
-Friedrich W. Nietzsche -

I am not in the virtual image of the mirror.
You are not in the virtual image of the mirror.😉:inquisitive:

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Thank you, Kappa!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes :heartoful:
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Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! :sunrose:
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Thanks for the bday msg friend!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes:consmile:
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他かっぱの空似に違いないっぱ(*p'Θ'q)ゥン 気の所為!