A Caadian
Stephanie's from   Canada
Chemical - Today at 5:31 AM
Ok then i need another caadian now

I share this account sometime with an old pal.

Source of my profile picture: 4chins

muh alt

Don't Watch my garbage.

Join my discord server i guess. [discord.gg]

Stupid stuff i listen to



Show some god damn respect!


STRAFE-ing for a better taste in music


Dumb chat logs :emofdr:

lewd: you have the damn mental capacity of a potato
lewd: like me
lewd: :emofdr:
๖ۣۜSirAnthonyⅢ: Um excuse me
๖ۣۜSirAnthonyⅢ: I'll have you know I have the mental copacity of 10 potatos.

clown⍨: >hale
clown⍨: >nightmare medic
PaNiC | ʎdɹǝp ♥: ew
clown⍨: >tele to frost
clown⍨: >natasha heavy
PaNiC | ʎdɹǝp ♥: rip
clown⍨: >pins me to a wall
clown⍨: >literally fucks me
PaNiC | ʎdɹǝp ♥: hot

danksgibbin | ʎdɹǝp ♥: so you like it up the bum no matter what :^))
Your lord and savior Arceus: ssssssh
danksgibbin | ʎdɹǝp ♥: ooo
danksgibbin | ʎdɹǝp ♥: god likes it up the bum
danksgibbin | ʎdɹǝp ♥: :^))
Your lord and savior Arceus: thats how to please your god
Your lord and savior Arceus: 101

"no dont touch my weewee thats a private place"
- happyboy 2k17

"Your balls are in my face they're poking my eyes"
- happyboy 2k17

AlanCrash: thanks to vinny im starting to get a daddy fetish
AlanCrash: .
daddy: wh
daddy: you call vinny daddy?
daddy: kinky
AlanCrash: wait
AlanCrash: NO
AlanCrash: LOL

Knight bean: Thicc Milf | Demonic Disaster : I'm delicious
Knight bean: i bet you are ;^)
Demonic Disaster: LOL

Some heavy main: >dems channel
Some heavy main: >chocolate cock
Some heavy main: >you say yum
Some heavy main: >arceus is gay lol
Some heavy main: :b1:
Your lord and savior Arceus: thought you knew that
Your lord and savior Arceus: :emofdr:
Your lord and savior Arceus: I mean yeah, yummy. chocolate is the shit dawg
Some heavy main: but is the dick the shit to for you?
Your lord and savior Arceus: if its in my anus sure

"Tau you can't be gay on my first day I gotta settle into the gay slowly" - z 2k17

SirAnthonyIII_: 1 mb/s
SirAnthonyIII_: :dab:
SirAnthonyIII_: almost typed dad
Hrm...: Nice internet.
Hrm...: Fam.

Chemical: you dont need a penis to be a guy, cmon its 2018
Chemical: :
Deep in willy woods: .
Deep in willy woods: Okay I laughed.

Chemical - Today at 9:59 PM
literally looked like a banana


All bird heads i don't own

Blizzardy storm hound dog, Blizzardy storm field practice, Blizzardy storm scottsman's stovepipe, Blizzardy storm KE

Max's head (Preferebly with a Chromatic corruption spell but not needed)

an aussie minigun, aussie eyelander, aussie buttsucker (blutsauger) (TY SO DAMN MUCH) , or a aussie memdic gun

birbchester (Burstchester)

any cosmetics for classes i dont have many cosmetics with (I.E soljuh)

Potassium Bonnett Thanks for the item back, Alan.

Catastrophic companions

Anything with chromatic corruption or Headless horseshoes (i'm fine with any spell)

Just some money on steam. (Poor loser here :b1:)

ALOT of purple paint

Fortnite: Save the world (lol ye)


I'm not the most socially gifted person. if you get angry at me for saying something. Sorry. I have crippling social anxiety and depression.
Currently Offline
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I really like skeletons.
I'm that person you might've heard about.

I do not want random adds please tell me why you added me or you will get blocked

I'm an open minded person, though i'm bad at communication. Please give a good first impression if you DO add me. And please don't be creepy.

My birthday is on April 27th Gifts are appreciated, but absolutely not neccesary. A happy birthday would be great.

Stuff i do/might've done

:monocle: Make (Really really bad) gmod screenshots
:monocle: Waste away my life on Warframe.
:monocle: Browse /b/, /gif/, /r9k/, /aco/, /trash/
:monocle: Play TF2.
:monocle: Mod the ever living christ out of Skyrim.
:monocle: (used to) SFM
:monocle: Play FF2 so you'll most likely find me there or on Slender Fortress 2
:monocle: Play SF2

Stuff i like
:emofdr: Warframe
:emofdr: Making stupid jokes or puns
:emofdr: Fucking around on TF2 or Gmod
:emofdr: Making shitty MS paint stuff
:emofdr: Fanfictions (smutty as fuck pokemon stuff) ((imsorry)) ((((notreally)))
:emofdr: Medic and his chest.
:emofdr: TF2 Bird heads
:emofdr: Birds in general
:emofdr: Sneks

Stuff i don't very much like
:Potatoman: Kids that won't shut the fuck up on mic
:potatoman: Skyrim mods being conflicting
:potatoman: 3D modeling
:potatoman: Sound editing / making
:potatoman: Pharah
:potatoman: rocket jumping soldiers on FF2
:potatoman: Scripting
:potatoman: Pharah

People that hold a special place in my heart

Alan / Analcash / Alancrash - A cool as fuck mexican alien dude who's really fuckin nice, helped me out when no one else would or could. Best thing I could ask for.

SirAnthonyIII / Black guy - A pretty rad black dud, we've been talkin' a lot due to games we play. But an all around chill dud I can enjoy talking and playing games with. I feel like I bother him too much

Blank / Tank / Daniel - we don't talk alot anyore but we're still good friends we joke about eachother and make corny ass jokes. Hope we could go back in time before we drfted away

Demonic disaster / Dem - An awesome person who has sick as fuck art and can help anyone in a rut, less of a disaster and more of a blessing 👌 ty ty for dealin with my rambling n shit

To remind myself.

Even though it's over I enjoyed our time together as pals, have a good one bud, i'll miss you. -To Tyler , a true friendo. :^)
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Happy Late Birthday! :_gift_:
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Thanks alien. :b1:
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Happy birthday ya fucking cuck :smile:
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Happy Birthday :Tammy: