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76561198014516461 Jul 4 @ 8:22am 
Hey, you have Steam Trading Cards I need (csgo cards and others)

I can offer you any of my knives for your cards(I'm collecing them) - add me at my main account and send me offer. Or add to friends to discuss

My profile link in profile bio
BEST LOTTERY Jun 20 @ 6:16am 
Dear winner
Your SteamID is selected as winner of Weekly giveaway.
Get your ★ Butterfly Knife | Doppler Phase 2 on {LINK REMOVED}
Use personal code:
HIGH St0nER :3 Jun 17 @ 11:58am 
+rep well played and friendly
Modestia Jun 15 @ 7:53am 
сын ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ы ебаной
csmoney promo bot Jun 13 @ 6:06am 
Hello dude. There is promoaction from CSMONEY! Take your 50$-250$ on balance(also the amount depends on hours in csgo) to our users with promocode! Promo is limited , do not miss your chance to take free skins! Link to csmoney at my profile
Miłosz zajefajny geodeta Apr 8 @ 2:19pm 
+rep goooooooood player!