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Personally, it just brought too much away from the game. The gunplay just didn't seem right, I didn't like the fact that I was literally being held throughout the entire time. It was too linear. With 1 and 2, there was a linear path, but there was so many ways to branch off and do your own thing. This was just going mainstream and giving no options like this.

Big Daddies, Big Sisters, and Alpha Series were so much fun to fight. Patriots and Firemen were pretty underwhelming, and Handymen were pretty much OP unless you had that footwear item. 2 weapons was such a bad idea, since you had to restrict yourself to those weapons and figure out how you're gonna take enemies down, whereas in the previous 2, you can plan out enemies a lot better.

Picking your fights was always a fun thing in Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. Maybe you had low HP or EVE and didn't want to engage any enemies. You could sneak around and ensure that you could get more of an item before engaging. This was such a big thing with Big Daddies. You were never forced to kill them unless it was a tutorial section. Deciding which fights you wanted was such a fun concept. Here, it's just throwing enemies at you over and over.

The Plasmids, otherwise known as Vigors (Not such a memorable name, had to look up what they're called), aren't useful except for very niche situations. I was playing the games over the past month of March, finishing all 3, and I didn't buy a single Vigor upgrade from the Vendors. It kinda got to the same degree with my weapons. I kept the same 2 weapons throughout the entire game - The Handcannon and the Sniper. I only upgraded those 2. 5000 dosh by the end of the game. Speaking of the end of the game...

The Hand of the Prophet is one of the worst ways they could've handled the finale. Tower Defense isn't fun in most FPS games. What happened here just felt like stretching the game out longer than it needed to. We killed Comstock, we get the help of Songbird, defend the generator, and then ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ RAPTURE.

When playing through the game, I always knew that they wanted to link the game to Rapture somehow, but then they just straight up send you there through a tear, which felt wrong. The game should've been in Rapture the entire time. The ending, which was just more wrong, throws Rapture under the bus entirely.

I can't explain anymore than I can. Infinite just doesn't feel like a Bioshock game in my opinion.

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