PLEASE read this before going on to add me...
Random friend requests will be declined without a valid reason. Trying to just randomly add OR having a private inventory with an invalid reason and adding will now result in a chance of a block.*
Trade offers are accepted however.**

*Give me the reason why in like a match, server, or profile chat. However, if I have seen you about 3 or more times or for long enough, then you don't need a reason. :happyfriend:

**Same as above, send me an offer in matches/servers, random offers/scams/"gifts" will be declined.

! Comments will now be available to everyone !

If you are a past friend of mine that removed me before and want to add me back, giving a reason is optional, otherwise I will still accept the friend request if you don't have a reason. HOWEVER, if I removed you because of a problem, you have a very slim chance I will accept or unblock.
Expect me to be in GMod/TF2 a lot.

If I join the server you are in while you are on my friends list, it is because I either have nothing else to do, too bored, or just because you're (kinda) cool from my point of view. Not trying to be a creep tho.

If I am online, feel free to message me if I am not busy :happyfriend: . Anything else would either mean I am too busy with something, away from my PC (duh), or in something else :meaneyes:.

RIP [DFS] Louis (Finch Jr)'s account 2013-2018
The Community Ban Hammer hit him after a false report.


My low-quality YT channel :corruptgear::

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CS Sexual Oct 10 @ 5:42pm 
How does it feel to be intellectually inferior to me? I'll have u know that my intelligence quotient (colloquially known as IQ) is supermagnanimous to not only yours, but also any conceivable being in existence. The number of processes that my brain can execute in one zeptosecond is equivalent to the summation of all a lifetime of your thoughts. I have thought of every single thing that you have thought and will think of, all before the ripe, delicious, age of 6. The question of ants; The framework through which we analyze ants is analogous to that of which I view you - notwithstanding, I elect to interpret your asinine inquiries with but the most benevolence; Of course, ants know comparatively nothing, rather seeing any hint of my powers as mere idiosyncrasies. I bid you fear the day that I endeavour to obtain the metaphorical magnifying glass and fry you puny ♥♥♥♥♥. Oh, what's that? Am I making you insecure? I extend my apologies. I tend to have that effect on lesser beings.
shitford Sep 22 @ 10:47am 
Submissive and breedable
yui Sep 21 @ 9:56pm 
╔═══════════════════ ೋღღೋ ═══════════════════╗
If you are a beautiful cute femboy kitten, someone will put this in your comments.
╚═══════════════════ ೋღღೋ ═══════════════════╝
Daave Sep 13 @ 2:29pm 
You say Justin Bieber, I say Aimeric de Belenoi
☩You say Miley Cyrus, I say Bertran de Born
☩You say T-Pain, I say Walther von der Vogelweide
☩You say Flowers, I say Gavaudan
☩You say Pink, I say Raimon Gaucelm de Beziers
☩You say Hip Hop, I say Middle High German crusade poems
☩You say Pop, I scream DEUS VULT!!!
☩You say Hannah Montana, I conquer the port of Jaffa for the glory of the :church:Church Holy Virgin Maria:church: and the Spirit of God BE PRAISED

92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Pop. If you are part of the 8% that still :fleur_de_lis:WISH TO DIE :crossed_swords:FIGHTING:crossed_swords: ON DISTANT LANDS FOR THE ETERNAL GLORY OF THE :cross:CROSS:cross: THE FIREY:fire: JUSTICE OF THE ONE TRUE:100: GOD AND THE GOOD:person_gesturing_ok: WORD OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, copy♰ and paste this message to another 5:cross: profiles. DON'T✠ LET✠ THE✠ SPIRIT OF THE ☩CRUSADES☩ DIE
utsuho rocks Aug 15 @ 7:42pm 
Quantex buying Backpacks Jul 4 @ 6:15am 
Do you still play TF2?

I'd be interested in doing a good offer (keys/paypal/btc) on your backpack if you're interested. Feel free to add me :D!

Have a nice day :luv:

Not a bot just curious :D