I recently removed some people I felt that I didn't know as well. Feel free to re-add me.
-April 18th, 2015

I am Canadian eh?
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I am the real RJ.

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Clockwork Help
I'm happy to help, just please don't be surprised if you end up getting removed from my friend's list some time later (I only remove people I don't know well enough).

IMPORTANT, please be prepared to answer these questions for me: What are you trying to accomplish? Where are things going wrong? What have you already tried?

Server Hosting
I host source servers. Feel free to add me to ask questions or check out here: https://hosting.jonathandroogh.com/

Armata Gaming
Please don't add me to get help with regards to Armata Gaming. Instead go through the proper channels on the forums: https://forums.armatagaming.com/

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Aegon May 16 @ 4:53am 
Hey im adding you to ask some clockwork related questions
VeXan | Gone For 2 Weeks May 6 @ 4:39pm 
Mind messaging me when you hop on next? It has to do with hosting. Thanks.
Jorim May 5 @ 8:51am 
question again
icarusfeather Mar 30 @ 3:40pm 
added because i need some help with a clockwork issue
LMM Mar 24 @ 5:26pm 
Would like to talk about some business
Caldera Mar 11 @ 1:59pm 
Add me please I need to tell you something very important.