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Cojiro: pirate Guy more like Pirate Guy that's the kind of guy you are of no not Pirate Guy please go back I said by right guy Byron Byron Byron Byron Byron butchered it be ripped be ripped the sky is that Pirate Guy used to cry at Guy

PirateGuy: stop being dumb idiot I'm trying to
PirateGuy: find sick dealzzzz on figures
Ammy Potter and the Jizz Shampoo: find me a captain ginyu figure
PirateGuy: I'll find one
PirateGuy: and then throw it in the toilet
PirateGuy: where it belongs
Ammy Potter and the Jizz Shampoo: you'll try
Ammy Potter and the Jizz Shampoo: but then it'll throw you in the toilet
PirateGuy: I'll give it the doomhouse treatment
PirateGuy: in the garbage disposal
Ammy Potter and the Jizz Shampoo: because even the image of captain ginyu is too strong to be fucked with
PirateGuy: captain ginyu is a shit idiot frog I don't give a fuck what you think
Ammy Potter and the Jizz Shampoo: what i think is factually accurate
PirateGuy: what you think is the delusions of a floating head that huffs burrito fumes in the back of a taco bell
Ammy Potter and the Jizz Shampoo: that's irrelevant to this conversation

cuck la cuck: If the Homosexuals want a Cake for their same sex marriage then go to the Muslims and make them to bake the cake.
SAIYANS LEFT: something tells me
SAIYANS LEFT: that won't go well
SAIYANS LEFT: what is your logic here, mystery internet person
cuck la cuck: the quran is just a cookbook

Rot in Hell, Dale Spooner... [widdly2diddly.bandcamp.com]

oh hey look more quotes

"bro what is Twisted Metal I own cat" - red_head55, cat owner
"TURTLE ATTACK" - _muffinator_, reptilian jihadist
"it has to bed one" - Cojiro, doing what must bed one
"DISPENSING REFRESHMENT" - Jimmy Johns, barborg
"this is my blue blazer pose" - Abelane, the Blue Blazer
" I SLIPPED " - Fast Freddy, escape shuttle victim
"Today I am the king of birthday land, and I order you to die" - Morgoroth, birthday monarch
"I have a quote for you: 'Pirate is dumb'" - Sov, dum stinky

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this is the pirateguy
he likes a good chat now and then
quack [www.alienarena.cz]

System specs for anyone that might care:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Mobo: ASUS Z87-PRO
CPU: i5 4670K
GPU: XFX Radeon RX 480
RAM: 8GB g.skill DDR3 1600mhz
HDD: 2x ADATA SP600 60GB SSD, 2x 1TB 7200RPM HDD I forget the brands of

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If you can't slam with the best, then jam with the rest.


PS3+PC! PSN: PirateGuy

Brothers for life, Lost forever.

You can't take the sky from me
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Okra Tangin-Wann: "that's not chicken" - emperor of china, final words

Cosmonaut PirateGuy: I am the Hitler of vampires
Cosmonaut PirateGuy: and I don't know if I should feel bad about that
creative liberty it easy: Vampires suck so
creative liberty it easy: I'd give it a pass
creative liberty it easy: If I ever turn into a werewolf put a bullet in me because I think that technically makes me part of the furry community

PirateGuy: http://i.imgur.com/UOQHqqZ.png
PirateGuy: lawdy jebus save muh soul
20 minutes of industrial funk: god is real
20 minutes of industrial funk: and he hates you

ferengi waifu: i wonder how many people actually see
ferengi waifu: bajillion inch cocks and are like
ferengi waifu: "nigga we're going to need lube"
PirateGuy: approx. none
ferengi waifu: f-list: home to the maximum ruptured assholes per capita

ferengi waifu: gonna go to the US open tomorrow
ferengi waifu: and yell baba booey
PirateGuy: should I look for you on TV
ferengi waifu: i'll be the enormous floating head
PirateGuy: alright

PirateGuy: why are you crispy
Señor Crispy: porque
PirateGuy: why
PirateGuy: are you
PirateGuy: CRISPY
Señor Crispy: no estoy seguro
PirateGuy: listen here
PirateGuy: you're gonna tell me
PirateGuy: why you're crispy
Señor Crispy is now Offline.

PirateGuy: Moj
PirateGuy: what is it like to be the coolest Moj
Mojiro: It feels like pooping

israeli mushroom terrorist: Hannah Hunt asks, "Do you know sex?"
israeli mushroom terrorist: HELP
PirateGuy: Yes I know sex
PirateGuy: he's a cool guy
PirateGuy: he helped me move
israeli mushroom terrorist: jimmy "sex" joe
PirateGuy: you didn't fucking help you lazy shit
PirateGuy: you sat there and ate my donuts while sex did all the work
israeli mushroom terrorist: look
israeli mushroom terrorist: i helped
PirateGuy: bullshit
israeli mushroom terrorist: those donuts were heavy
PirateGuy: gooogsdsg

PirateGuy: jimjoe_attends_anthrocon.png http://i.imgur.com/Yj9Qukk.png
The Ultimate Anime Summer: YOU
The Ultimate Anime Summer: FUCK
The Ultimate Anime Summer: i'll bust a sack of VHS tapes over your head

PirateGuy: I have
PirateGuy: shocking photographic evidence
PirateGuy: of jimjoe's terrible doings
Pickles: dang
PirateGuy: http://i.imgur.com/42xovfo.png
Pickles: how horrifying
PirateGuy: this was definetely not the product of 15 minutes in GIMP
Pickles: no i'd say it looks pretty realistic

PirateGuy: man I hope
PirateGuy: the place I'm going to tomorrow
PirateGuy: hires me
PirateGuy: I still don't have jorb
Jim Joe is working slave hours: where u goin
PirateGuy: marsh
Jim Joe is working slave hours: you can't get a job in a swamp laddeh
PirateGuy: U FUKER
Jim Joe is working slave hours: ye're gonna be an onion-farmer
PirateGuy: no god blease

Pickles: god you have no idea
Pickles: how badly i wish i could close region chat

Dueling Dad is now Online.PirateGuy: the dueling dead [jpst.it]

put you answer in you ass: he man was an allegory for two old gay men fighting in a nursing home

PirateGuy: I did a budget build
PirateGuy: wot think
anal pie eating contest: i have no idea how computers work
PirateGuy: wizard magick
PirateGuy: "i have no idea how computers work" - jimjoe
PirateGuy: "I think a tiny wizard in a box makes the videogame happen" - jimjoe
anal pie eating contest: i do think that

I Eat Bees: i have to polinate my inner flower

PirateGuy: Dancing Mojiro: surprise your lover this valentiene
PirateGuy: every girl's dream
PirateGuy: a jimjoe button
was jimmy at the store: warning: girl may fall in love with jim joe button and leave you

JRH JMJOE: https://twitter.com/YahooAnswersTXT
JRH JMJOE: i think i've struck gold
squartin' jim: Is there a way i can get free pizza delivered? i have no food in my home and do not get paid for a few days.?
MEAT SKELETON GHOST CAGE: kill the pizzaman
squartin' jim: send the pizza back with a warning

PirateGuy: stiny
PirateGuy: get me a danish
FredMarch 2015: *burrito

PirateGuy: congrat
PirateGuy: u not rasis
old man jim joe: well

RIP Dragon Rulers: jim joe is more of a mineral

PirateGuy: tfw I can't eat doritos or drink mt dew without feeling like
PirateGuy: 10% some kind of fuck
PirateGuy: god forbid
PirateGuy: I have both at once
cuck la cuck: i have a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew next to me right now
cuck la cuck: fight me
PirateGuy: I'll fight you
PirateGuy: for your mt dew maybe
cuck la cuck: you'll have to fight past my completely intolerable body odor and forest of pube-like chin hair first
PirateGuy: you're gonna wake up in the mansion one day
PirateGuy: your doors and windows
PirateGuy: will be boarded from the outside
PirateGuy: and you'll smell smoke and rat poison
PirateGuy: and hymns of bums I hired to recite all star
cuck la cuck: that sounds like it'll be every day
PirateGuy: as many days
cuck la cuck: that's how i live now as a matter of fact
PirateGuy: as it takes
PirateGuy: you will be a presentable jim or I'll dunk you
PirateGuy: chaos dunk
PirateGuy: 1v1
PirateGuy: 15 min
cuck la cuck: presentable to what
cuck la cuck: a morgue
PirateGuy: the peanut factory
PirateGuy: yes
PirateGuy: they're people too
PirateGuy: the morgue workers
PirateGuy: morticians
cuck la cuck: they deal with corpses
cuck la cuck: i can't imagine their standards are thtat high
PirateGuy: beautiful people die too

Solid Snack Drive: *teleports behind u, slashes with ninja sword*
Solid Snack Drive: pssh... vote for me

congrats u read it all here is a neat person
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Hi, just dropping by to say that I saw your very old Zombie Survival video many many years ago as a kid. Your video actually made me want to buy Garry's Mod. Today I felt like watching the video again for nostalgic reasons and I was sad to see that you had deleted some videos :( including that video. Anyway, ik my comment is random but back in the day you were a big inspiration which lead to something even bigger in my life. Now I always play Garry's Mod and even make mods for it :D

Also, I too live in Indiana. That came as a surprise to me. I live in Greenwood