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TL;DR: I'm personally enjoying it but can't recommend it in it's current state. Hopefully the upcoming patch resolves things.

Things I like
  • Map is way more varied than 3, closer to 2's map with snowy and desert areas.
  • The new tether mods are cool
  • Cars feel less impossible to control than 3
  • Story was quite enjoyable, rather liked the weather based missions, which were quite intense at points. They were also unique unlike the base missions mentioned below.
  • Nice music
  • Weather effects were impressive at times.
  • The wind gun mods from 2 and 3 that I always installed are now in the game
  • Loading times are damn impressive. After you reach the menu fast travel is practically instant.

Things I don't like
  • Graphics are definitely an issue, overblown perhaps but was distracting for me at first. AA doesn't seem to work at all which makes forest areas look like you're playing on a poorly tuned tv, hair has issues, random textures are super low res, vegetation draws in far too close, and lets not get started on the water. The recent annoucement suggests some of these will be fixed, so here's hoping.
  • Game crashes for me the first time I start it every session. Apparently I'm the lucky one here as other people crash constantly.
  • Cutscenes look like PS2-era FMVs. They're pre-rendered for some reason (except some aren't??), have all the above graphical issues, and are upscaled to 1440p for me making them look even worse. Bad.
  • Progression has changed from base liberating to completing missions and capturing territory. While I don't have a problem with the idea, the missions types themselves are all repeated multiple times (yet the dialog in each always treats them as some unique situation they've never encountered), which can get rather dull.
  • The menus are awful and smell of bad console port. You can't use the scrollwheel, select/back are MOUSE 1/2 (and enter/esc do nothing). You also can't select something in the top level menu while in a submenu. Patch notes also mention this so pls fix.
  • Bikes are absolutely impossible, don't even attempt
  • Supply drops are limited to one item at a time again, and are needlessly complicated by having to manage multiple pilots with their own cooldowns.

    In the end it still meets my needs as a sandbox for general messing around, so I've definitely got my money's worth. It definitely has issues though so if the above hasn't put you off, consider coming back after the patch has dropped.
Posted December 9, 2018. Last edited December 9, 2018.
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Firstly, love the idea of being able to play HL2 coop and was really looking forward to it. However this mod in its current state is buggy and frustrating to the point of me not wanting to recommend anyone play it. Some of the numerous issues I faced when playing with 1 other person are below. These became particularly bothersome in the second half of the game, the first half was kinda ok.

- The game crashes when the other person joins about 60% of the time. Tried validating cache for all relevant games and the mod itself. Still happens.

- Enemy scaling is downright broken. I've seen serious sam games with less enemy spam. Increasing the enemy count makes sense, but the amount of enemies is so ridiculous in some areas they genuinely cannot path around each other. Health is also scaled, so you will often run out of ammo trying to kill incredibly spongy enemies.

- Respawning seems totally RNG. Sometimes I'll respawn right next to my friend after 10 seconds. Sometimes I'll just never respawn while they inevitably die, forcing a restart from checkpoint. Sometimes one of us will respawn exactly where they died, but the other will respawn at the beginning of the entire level.

- About 50% of the time, one or both of us won't be given the gravity gun, which severerly limits what we can do since the whole game is kinda based around you having it. Sometimes fixed by spawning it manually, sometimes only fixed by dropping every other weapon I'm carrying, which will let me switch to it once. A couple of times, one of us even spawned without the suit (and therefore had no hud and couldn't sprint).

- The game will keep forgetting all of my keybinds, along with practically every option I've set other than graphics. Have to set these up every damn time, even including some seemingly default ones like chat. The other player doesn't have this issue so no idea.

- Bugbait is totally broken, which made the tutorial area for it impossible to progress past

- Levels occassionally don't load correctly, with severa; airboat levels having broken skyboxes, and one of the car levels not loading any enemies or even a scripted door opening required to progress.

- Vehicle spawning in general is really unreliable

Overall, when it worked properly it was really enjoyable, but the sheer number of issues we encountered made those times incredibly brief, and not worth the frustration. Hope this improves as I really want to like it.
Posted March 17, 2018.
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The best £7 I have ever spent, it's up there with the best games I have played.
Unique gameplay, awesome music, a story that moves without words and it's just so fun to play.
The only downside is that it's rather short at 7 (+2) levels, but I've played for 227 hours and it's still just as great as before. There's also no tutorial so expect to be totally confused when you first start, I certainly was :). A 360 controller is recommended.

While you're at it you should buy Journey of Dreams which is almost as awesome as this.
Posted September 24, 2013. Last edited November 23, 2016.
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