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Haha video games right guise?
I'm unlikely to accept random friend requests. Trade offers go here.

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Thanks for the gift NiGHTS :3

Currently in the top 20 in the world for several NiGHTS into dreams levels.
Also 2nd in the world for Splash Garden on the 360 version.

Still waiting on that JoD PC port SEGA. Or, y'know, a third game...
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The best £7 I have ever spent, it's up there with the best games I have played.
Unique gameplay, awesome music, a story that moves without words and it's just so fun to play.
The only downside is that it's rather short at 7 (+2) levels, but I've played for 227 hours and it's still just as great as before. There's also no tutorial so expect to be totally confused when you first start, I certainly was :). A 360 controller is recommended.

While you're at it you should buy Journey of Dreams which is almost as awesome as this.
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This guide is for those who are confused about NiGHTS' gameplay. The player is required to get a "C" score in each level in order to clear the game. Here's what you're supposed to be doing in order to achieve a good score...
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I noticed that there was not a NiGHTS Playermodel on the workshop, so I decided to go ahead and make this playermodel; enjoy!
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added you for trade offer
Console- 5/nov/2018 às 12:06 
Added to discuss tf2 plugin used at TotH for potential NA LAN
demo train tradeit.gg 24/out/2018 às 19:22 
I would like to offer some keys for your plugin that RT has reviewed,Please go on my profile if wanna discuss.
死の王 28/set/2018 às 8:14 
carnage 27/ago/2018 às 15:41 
I'd be willing to buy that gold digger on marketplace. let me know how much you're selling it for.
Brolaire 18/ago/2018 às 3:33 
also i want to cause some chaos on RT's server as well