Makkabeus Rex
Mark "Makka "Makkas" Buse" Karbine   Canada
The bridge burned and I watched it turn to ash before me, reeking of gasoline.

"Remind me to never play public mge again." - Shiny, 2019

How the hell do you track people?

Past Expierence:

s22 - Open - Demo - SixSigma; Six_ - 6-10
s24 - Open - Demo - Meatshot Lovers; +Pizza - 6-10
s25 - Open - Demo - National Bank Of Makka; Makka$$ - 11-5; 0-1
s26 - Open - Demo - Frick eSports; FrickMy - 10-6; 0-1
s27 - IM - Demo - Frick And Da Boys - FrickMy - 4-12
s28 - Open - Demo - NOIR Esports - NOIR - 13-3; 1-1
s29 - IM - Demo - Kraft Makk N Cheese - nCheez - 8-8
s30 - IM - Demo - Dunk Masters - DUNK - 14-2; 2-1; 2nd Place
s31 - Invite - Demo - Scuffed froyotech - FROYO - 3-13

s1 - Adv - Sub Demo - BM=BAE; shit happened idk
s2 - Adv - Demo - SHIT - Cute^ - 6-3; 1-1; 3rd Place - All-star demo runner up
s3 - Adv - Demo - The Money Team - TMT - 6-3; 2nd Place - same as above^
s4 - Invite - Sub Demo - SHIT - 3-4
s5 - We'll see...

RGL 6s
s1 - Invite - Sub Demo - Dunk Masters - DUNK - 2-8
s2 - Invite - Sub Demo - Dunk Masters - DUNK - ?-?

UGC 6s
s17 - Iron - Pocket - Planetary Alignment; |P||A| 5-3
s18 - Steel - Scout/Pocket - Planetary Alignment; |P||A| - 5-3
s19 - Steel - Scout - A Pizza Party; | APP - 4-4
s20 - Silver - Backup - A Pizza Party; | APP - 3-5
s21 - Silver - Demo - Smooth Jazz; 4-4
s22 - Silver - Backup - APP Reborn; Dunno, but did well

s16 - Steel - Engie - Mind 0ver Matter; -{M|M}- - 4-2
s17 - Steel - Demo - Pancake Pals; Pal- - 4-4
s18 - Steel - Soldier / Demo - Squanto Squad; 10-1 (2nd place)
s19 - Silver - Backup - Cafe; 4-4

UGC 4s
s5 - Steel - The Dickers; _B69 - 6-4

RGB4 LAN - Dunk Masters - 7th

TFTV EU Weekly Series #1 Powered by FACEIT - 5-8th place (lul)

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Saving for when i need to use it again:

Frag vid 1

December 14, 2018: Shiny finally paid me back

What I'm high on []
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One of those stupid quote walls
"You're chinese? I thought you were Canadian?!" -Console on Denny, 2016

"You're the farm king" - Shiny, 2016

"I am conceding that _Makkabeus is the best demo in Kingston, Ontario" - Mad61, 2017

"You're a demo mge lord" - Shiny, 2017

"guys we need a ringer"
"I can get makka"
"who's makka?"
"the demo I was mentoring but is actually better than me" -Jojo to the OK Kids, 2018

"Soon enough "Library of TF2Gress" will not be an accurate title. It will need a promotion to: "The AI Run TF2 Player Super Database" for all the players who don't know you, but you know more about them than the US government." - XBS, 2018

"Butterscotch makes my dick hard" - dorito_jim, 2018

"I'm okay with people fucking horses, as long as it was consentual" - Unit, 2018

"I'm the smartest person in a room full of bots if I'm tired" - Alexandros, 2018

"I just gave that hyper aware demo my giant roamer dick" - Grape Juice the Third, 2018

"I don't respect women" - Shiny, 2018

"We gotta see how jewish we can be about this" - Shiny, 2018

"Hooter's is actually really good. I go there for the food" - Shiny, 2018, being 100% serious

"I'm gonna use Shiny as a baton to beat fygg with" - XBS, 2018

"Everyday I go to my shrine, and pray I'll be as chad as dubstep don" - Tsar, 2018

"I'm gonna come out of the weeb closet one day, and play an anime game on stream, mark my words" -Grape Juice III, 2018

"It's genocide day!" - Shiny, 2018
"It's seasonal genocide day" - Mad61, 2018

"That's when you use me as a baton and get an easy 3K" - Shiny, 2018

"It's not funny out of context, since we're talking about pounding trannies" - Shiny, 2018

"Are you saying you're too good to shit on your own feet?" - Mad61, 2018

"I have had cocaine before" - Shiny, 2018

"They're crispy chips that look like cock rings" - Jeff, 2018

"I'm a retard and no one can predict what I'm doing" - Crasian, 2018

"I had to slaughter like 15 cats one time to survive the winter" - Brando, 2018

"The next day you're just like 'damn, I really like feet' " - Shiki, 2018

"Hey, you guys know the Call of Duty Zombies song?" - Saila
"The gPro wireless?" - Shiny, 2018

"The citizens of Makkaland adore "indeed" like no other nation." - Tery, 2018

"Remember when we were railing Scream for being gay?" - Shiny, 2018

"4 pugs a day?! Do you think his parents miss him?" - JEFF
"Probably not " - XBS, 2018

"i heard ur willing to mentor a young boy and turn him into a man" - JEFFFFF
"maybe, im gonna be a bit busy mentoring half my invite team this season" - broKing, 2018

"This guy plays in pain, don't believe him" - Shiny, 2018, referring to my gameplay

"Shiny, can you plunge me?" - SOOOOOAPYMEiSTER, 2018

"I'd be the cutest twink bartender that you've ever seen." - FrickMyNick, 2019


"Have you seen murkscribe?? I feel like Murkscribe is going to pop out of the forest with an AK-47 and shoot me" - JEFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"First off, he holds it with 2 hands, then he props the tip up with one hand, then he uses his other hand to shove it into his face like a gremlin" - JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"Don't you hate when your in the middle of a good game session and then you just get nutted in" - FrickMyNick, 2019

"The thing is that Makka and I are like a fly and a fly trap. I'm not letting go of him until his leg fucking breaks" - JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"If we play Excellent Adventures on product, I'm gonna get hit with the reich" - FrickMyNick
"Yeah, but Makka is the Furher, so he owns the reich" - Shiny, 2019 (I am not a nazi)

"I actually shot cocaine into my dick. I boiled it on a spoon before scrims" - JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"Makka is literally Muma 2.0, baited me so hard he dodged LAN" - FrickMyNick, 2019

"You think I'm gonna go full Martin Luther and nail my dick to the bible" - viper, 2019

"IM is crumbling like a Roman sex orgy" - viper, 2019

"How many tabs of acid do I have to drop before Kramer looks like a woman?" - viper, 2019

"I love coming in here and finding out how long my grandson's wiener is" - viper who has too many quotes, 2019

"Why did google translate auto translate into chinese, that's racist." - Tery, 2019

"If you could lift a 24 oz steak with a pair of chopsticks then you have my respect" - viper, 2019

"I thought Canada was a barren wasteland where you could only travel by car or sled dog" - murkscribe, 2019

"I think it's more gay if you don't suck off your friends" - Air, 2019

"You have the angel and the devil on your shoulder, one's telling you to read a book and the other is telling you to fuck a girl." - Shiny, 2019

"Shiny, I need you to level with me, why is there 18 dead, naked cowboys in your shower?" - viper, 2019

"We just need to do this at LAN. Just get naked and kill ourselves in the shower" - Shiny, 2019

"I can't see JEFF on my sign. All I see is an anime girl orgasming." - viper

"Everyone once in a while you just have to commit kindergarten genocide" - Crasian, 2019

"Scream's face is so cute" - Olbap, 2019

"I'm the final solution" - Olbap/The_Fridge, 2019

"Hello Operator? My fridge is trying to commit genocide." - viper, 2019

"My virgin ranting to the admins really worked" - General Nick, 2019

"I'm a lizard who can jump skyscrapers, don't tell me to chill" - Brando, 2019

"I was just like 'Come children, lets win product' " - Makkas
"Yes daddy Makkabeus" - Paul "JEFF" Evans, 2019

"I came out the womb spitting straight fire like goo goo ga ga" - viper, 2019

"I fantasize about raping Ron" - brian, 2019

"It's less Vietnam and more Korea" - Daf
"More Philipino" - Shiny, 2019

"It should be a constitutional right to gay jail Scream" - FrickMyNick, 2019

"I told them to but I scared them off with a very fuckable grilled cheese" - Brando, 2019

"Nothing goes together like a beer and a fart. WAIT SHIT NO I MEANT DART" - BiG, 2019

"You're like the Amazing Atheist stubborn" - Shiny, 2020
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More Hong Kong.
Tokyo Smoke 2019. júl. 10., 9:22 
My favorite demoman for team fortress 2, "MAKKAS"
GɇneralNick 2019. jún. 13., 20:26 
yeah so apparently they dont teach 6s players what snipers are :/ crazy
DrDanny 2019. máj. 2., 18:17 
It's a proven scientific fact that being gay and playing Team Fortress 2, actually have a connection. My name is Roger Dockin, attorney at law, I represent many clients who have contracted non-consensual homosexuality from playing the popular video game Team Fortress 2. I've noticed you have quite a bit of hours of this game, you may wanna speak to your doctor about the possibility you may be...homosexual.
jeff 2019. jan. 20., 0:00 
Please support my petition to change your profile "real name" from Kritky to Karbine. anything helps!
jeff 2019. jan. 18., 1:16 
Your gonna have half a page of F's at the rate that im pumping out these quotes