Makkabeus Rex
Mark "Makka "Makkas" Buse" Karbine   Canada
Head admin for RGL Traditional 6s. If you're adding me about RGL things, message me on discord for a better response: _Makkabeus#9603

"Remind me to never play public mge again." - Shiny, 2019

How the hell do you track people?

Past Expierence:

s22 - Open - Demo - SixSigma; Six_ - 6-10
s24 - Open - Demo - Meatshot Lovers; +Pizza - 6-10
s25 - Open - Demo - National Bank Of Makka; Makka$$ - 11-5; 0-1
s26 - Open - Demo - Frick eSports; FrickMy - 10-6; 0-1
s27 - IM - Demo - Frick And Da Boys - FrickMy - 4-12
s28 - Open - Demo - NOIR Esports - NOIR - 13-3; 1-1
s29 - IM - Demo - Kraft Makk N Cheese - nCheez - 8-8
s30 - IM - Demo - Dunk Masters - DUNK - 14-2; 2-1; 2nd Place
s31 - Invite - Demo - Scuffed froyotech - FROYO - 3-13

s1 - Adv - Sub Demo - BM=BAE; ♥♥♥♥ happened idk
s2 - Adv - Demo - S.H.I.T. - Cute^ - 6-3; 1-1; 3rd Place - All-star demo runner up
s3 - Adv - Demo - The Money Team - TMT - 6-3; 2nd Place - same as above^
s4 - Invite - Sub Demo - S.H.I.T. - 3-4
s5 - Invite - Sub Demo - DOOR - 4-3
s6 - Invite - Sub Demo - Squirtyay - 5-2

RGL 6s
s1 - Invite - Sub Demo - Dunk Masters - DUNK - 2-8
s2 - Invite - Sub Demo - Dunk Masters - DUNK - 2-12
s3 - Div 1 - Sub Demo - Kronge Realm Black - _YAMBO - 14-2; 3rd place
s4 - I should go sub for a team

UGC 6s
s17 - Iron - Pocket - Planetary Alignment; |P||A| 5-3
s18 - Steel - Scout/Pocket - Planetary Alignment; |P||A| - 5-3
s19 - Steel - Scout - A Pizza Party; | APP - 4-4
s20 - Silver - Backup - A Pizza Party; | APP - 3-5
s21 - Silver - Demo - Smooth Jazz; 4-4
s22 - Silver - Backup - APP Reborn; Dunno, but did well

s16 - Steel - Engie - Mind 0ver Matter; -{M|M}- - 4-2
s17 - Steel - Demo - Pancake Pals; Pal- - 4-4
s18 - Steel - Soldier / Demo - Squanto Squad; 10-1 (2nd place)
s19 - Silver - Backup - Cafe; 4-4

UGC 4s
s5 - Steel - The Dickers; _B69 - 6-4

RGB4 LAN - Drunk Masters - 7th

TFTV EU Weekly Series #1 Powered by FACEIT - 5-8th place (lul)

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Frag vid 1

December 14, 2018: Shiny finally paid me back

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One of those glorious quote walls
"You're chinese? I thought you were Canadian?!" -Console on Denny, 2016

"You're the farm king" - Shiny, 2016

"I am conceding that _Makkabeus is the best demo in Kingston, Ontario" - Mad61, 2017

"You're a demo mge lord" - Shiny, 2017

"guys we need a ringer"
"I can get makka"
"who's makka?"
"the demo I was mentoring but is actually better than me" -Jojo to the OK Kids, 2018

"Soon enough "Library of TF2Gress" will not be an accurate title. It will need a promotion to: "The AI Run TF2 Player Super Database" for all the players who don't know you, but you know more about them than the US government." - XBS, 2018

"Butterscotch makes my ♥♥♥♥ hard" - dorito_jim, 2018

"I'm okay with people ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ horses, as long as it was consentual" - Unit, 2018

"I'm the smartest person in a room full of bots if I'm tired" - Alexandros, 2018

"I just gave that hyper aware demo my giant roamer ♥♥♥♥" - Grape Juice the Third, 2018

"I don't respect women" - Shiny, 2018

"We gotta see how jewish we can be about this" - Shiny, 2018

"Hooter's is actually really good. I go there for the food" - Shiny, 2018, being 100% serious

"I'm gonna use Shiny as a baton to beat fygg with" - XBS, 2018

"Everyday I go to my shrine, and pray I'll be as chad as dubstep don" - Tsar, 2018

"I'm gonna come out of the weeb closet one day, and play an anime game on stream, mark my words" -Grape Juice III, 2018

"It's genocide day!" - Shiny, 2018
"It's seasonal genocide day" - Mad61, 2018

"That's when you use me as a baton and get an easy 3K" - Shiny, 2018

"It's not funny out of context, since we're talking about pounding ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥" - Shiny, 2018

"Are you saying you're too good to ♥♥♥♥ on your own feet?" - Mad61, 2018

"I have had cocaine before" - Shiny, 2018

"They're crispy chips that look like ♥♥♥♥ rings" - Jeff, 2018

"I'm a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and no one can predict what I'm doing" - Crasian, 2018

"I had to slaughter like 15 cats one time to survive the winter" - Brando, 2018

"The next day you're just like 'damn, I really like feet' " - Shiki, 2018

"Hey, you guys know the Call of Duty Zombies song?" - Saila
"The gPro wireless?" - Shiny, 2018

"The citizens of Makkaland adore "indeed" like no other nation." - Tery, 2018

"Remember when we were railing Scream for being gay?" - Shiny, 2018

"4 pugs a day?! Do you think his parents miss him?" - JEFF
"Probably not " - XBS, 2018

"i heard ur willing to mentor a young boy and turn him into a man" - JEFFFFF
"maybe, im gonna be a bit busy mentoring half my invite team this season" - broKing, 2018

"This guy plays in pain, don't believe him" - Shiny, 2018, referring to my gameplay

"Shiny, can you plunge me?" - SOOOOOAPYMEiSTER, 2018

"I'd be the cutest twink bartender that you've ever seen." - FrickMyNick, 2019


"Have you seen murkscribe?? I feel like Murkscribe is going to pop out of the forest with an AK-47 and shoot me" - JEFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"First off, he holds it with 2 hands, then he props the tip up with one hand, then he uses his other hand to shove it into his face like a gremlin" - JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"Don't you hate when your in the middle of a good game session and then you just get nutted in" - FrickMyNick, 2019

"The thing is that Makka and I are like a fly and a fly trap. I'm not letting go of him until his leg ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ breaks" - JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"If we play Excellent Adventures on product, I'm gonna get hit with the reich" - FrickMyNick
"Yeah, but Makka is the Furher, so he owns the reich" - Shiny, 2019 (I am not a nazi)

"I actually shot cocaine into my ♥♥♥♥. I boiled it on a spoon before scrims" - JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, 2019

"Makka is literally Muma 2.0, baited me so hard he dodged LAN" - FrickMyNick, 2019

"You think I'm gonna go full Martin Luther and nail my ♥♥♥♥ to the bible" - viper, 2019

"IM is crumbling like a Roman sex orgy" - viper, 2019

"How many tabs of acid do I have to drop before Kramer looks like a woman?" - viper, 2019

"I love coming in here and finding out how long my grandson's wiener is" - viper who has too many quotes, 2019

"Why did google translate auto translate into chinese, that's racist." - Tery, 2019

"If you could lift a 24 oz steak with a pair of chopsticks then you have my respect" - viper, 2019

"I thought Canada was a barren wasteland where you could only travel by car or sled dog" - murkscribe, 2019

"I think it's more gay if you don't suck off your friends" - Air, 2019

"You have the angel and the devil on your shoulder, one's telling you to read a book and the other is telling you to ♥♥♥♥ a girl." - Shiny, 2019

"Shiny, I need you to level with me, why is there 18 dead, naked cowboys in your shower?" - viper, 2019

"We just need to do this at LAN. Just get naked and kill ourselves in the shower" - Shiny, 2019

"I can't see JEFF on my sign. All I see is an anime girl orgasming." - viper

"Everyone once in a while you just have to commit kindergarten genocide" - Crasian, 2019

"Scream's face is so cute" - Olbap, 2019

"I'm the final solution" - Olbap/The_Fridge, 2019

"Hello Operator? My fridge is trying to commit genocide." - viper, 2019

"My virgin ranting to the admins really worked" - General Nick, 2019

"I'm a lizard who can jump skyscrapers, don't tell me to chill" - Brando, 2019

"I was just like 'Come children, lets win product' " - Makkas
"Yes daddy Makkabeus" - Paul "JEFF" Evans, 2019

"I came out the womb spitting straight fire like goo goo ga ga" - viper, 2019

"I fantasize about raping Ron" - brian, 2019

"It's less Vietnam and more Korea" - Daf
"More Philipino" - Shiny, 2019

"It should be a constitutional right to gay jail Scream" - FrickMyNick, 2019

"I told them to but I scared them off with a very ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ grilled cheese" - Brando, 2019

"Nothing goes together like a beer and a fart. WAIT ♥♥♥♥ NO I MEANT DART" - BiG, 2019

"You're like the Amazing Atheist stubborn" - Shiny, 2020

"I was legitimately thought of standing up and hitting my ♥♥♥♥ off the table, but then I realised that would hurt" - Crasian, 2020

"Can someone tell me how squirt porn is magic?" - Crasian, 2020

"I still stand by my words, Hooter's is a good restaurant" - Shiny, 2020, still being 100% serious

"Butt or just poop out your mouth?" - Meus_, 2020

"They're like 'He's asian and not a manlet, kill him!'" - Crasian, 2020

"I'm like jango coomer but I get off to plugging in a usb-c in both orientations" - Brando, 2020

"Get away from me you islamic ♥♥♥♥! What're you gonna do, shoot me?" - DrDanny, 2020

"Are you gonna deny his god given right to racism?" - Shiny, 2020

"If you're being clever with it then racism is okay" - tojo, 2020

"That feel when you go into someone's kindergarten class and shoot up the place" - Crasian, 2020

"Accounting was created by the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Navajo code talkers from WW2" - Crasian, 2020

" 'Makka can I be on your steam page? The one with the quotes' - just jazz" - just jazz, 2020, you meta bastard

"I’m so over CHILDREN" - Mr. 200, 2020

"You just load Norman Reedus with 300 lbs of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ then launch him down a hill" - Crasian, 2020

"You could sell TF2 items to feed a small Afghan village" - Shiny, 2020
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Mad61 Oct 5 @ 5:41pm 
Hello RGL Makkabeus Rex I am having a problem with my AMATEUR RGL Traditional 6s match the opposing AMATEUR RGL Traditional 6s team administrator "Mad61" says that the map this week is ctf_turbine_pro and I can't find the map download also he wants to use a "ringer" who is a overwatch player named "a_seagull" should I let him I mean how good at Team Fortress 2 Traditional 6s could an Overwatch kid be
Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy Sep 25 @ 1:37pm 
Hello RGL Makkabeus Rex I am having a problem with my AMATEUR RGL Traditional 6s match the opposing AMATEUR RGL Traditional 6s team administrator "Mad61" says that the map this week is ctf_turbine_pro and I can't find the map download also he wants to use a "ringer" who is a overwatch player named "a_seagull" should I let him I mean how good at Team Fortress 2 Traditional 6s could an Overwatch kid be
ROT Aug 7 @ 12:21am 
You might have beat us makkabeus but you'll never beat your hair loss ugly ♥♥♥♥
F.O Jul 11 @ 7:50pm 
u r gae.
Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy Jul 8 @ 1:20pm 
Added for Highlander Spy, Steel
DrDanny Jun 29 @ 12:23am 
hello sir am good trader, i have seen you have many australiums. Wow you are quite rich as they say. I would like those australiums to impress my beautiful friend hajabi, she will see my gold and want to immediattely marry me. Plz sir can offer rare headless horseman axe uncrafteable for all australiums thx