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I'm not accepting any requests, commissions or anything of sorts even if I wanted to in the past anymore at least for the 6 months and possibly even longer than that.

I may accept some friend requests, but only if they follow the rules mentioned below.


If you want to add me for whatever reason, please state to the comment section below why you are adding me.

I do not accept either:

- Profiles below lvl20
- Profiles that are filled with VAC Bans
- Profiles that are created a day ago and have 1 or 2 friends
- People who beg for whatever reason
- Complete duchebags
- Imposter profiles with stock photos of random people you picked from Google Images
- Random invites to some groups with 2 people (and in general to any)

Keep in mind I will block and remove your profile and comments if you start spamming to the comment section, usually these people are encouraged to do so if I happen to offend their great ancestors and they are unable to control their ADHD.

Origin account: Kappa_On_Field

Uplay account: MaZ_TeR

Xbox: MaZ T3rZ
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Mod replaces zombies and sounds with assets extracted from the Dead Space franchise.



-Electronic Arts and Visceral Games for the origi
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Created by - _MaZ_TeR_
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Call of Duty: World at War
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Take us home, Isaac. Make us whole
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Augmentia Jul 21 @ 7:33pm 
Your hibana model only have body and unknown groupings on sfm.
Fullcaber May 28 @ 4:54pm 
do u think u could toss out more deadspace related models into workshop
even from 2-and 3 necromorphs and such
danek idle-empire.com May 15 @ 4:13am 
its was quiet and very fast in game but i fixet it with "audacity" ty for the answer:lunar2019piginablanket:
_MaZ_TeR_ May 15 @ 12:47am 
So is your song too short and quiet? Download Audacity and search on youtube for a tutorial on doing what you want.
danek idle-empire.com May 14 @ 7:31am 
my mod is to fast and to loud how much do i "buff" the sound and slow down the song so its perfect
danek idle-empire.com May 14 @ 7:31am 
can you answer then a question about the mod