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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 12:19am

Community Explorer

Complete 5 Community Tracks
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 7:56am

Community Champion

Complete 25 Community Tracks
Unlocked Sep 8 @ 11:23pm

Move Out The Way

Seriously injure 50 pedestrians.
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 12:11am


"Accidentally" maim/kill your own child excessively.
Unlocked Sep 14 @ 8:33am

Safety First

Complete 10 Tracks with zero injuries to anyone.
Unlocked Sep 8 @ 9:40pm

You're The Poop!

Wreck/die 10+ times in 1 Track.
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 9:59pm

Hello Good Sir

Complete Official Track Group "Welcome to Happy Valley," with no level skips.
Unlocked Sep 16 @ 9:09pm

Be the Yin to my Yang

Complete Official Track Group "Family Vacation," with no level skips.
Unlocked Sep 8 @ 9:42pm

Night Owl

Complete any level in darkness.
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 12:19am


Fall outside the map boundaries.
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 12:06am


Catch an arrow... with your head.

Community Curator

Rate 20 Community Tracks
10 / 20

Beer Me Bro

Complete Official Track Group "The Great Outdoors," with no level skips.

You Trippin Man

Complete Official Track Group "Rocket Science," with no level skips.

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