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Posted: Jul 18, 2016 @ 11:25am
Updated: Jul 31, 2016 @ 5:14am

A short (under 1 hour) experience worth checking out. It's a simple puzzle platformer in the same vein as Q.U.B.E. It definitely needs some polish, though:
- Keybinds are missing and should definitely be added ASAP
- Despite the minimal art style, the game runs poorly on my system
- Sprinting frequently stops working until I repress the key, for seemingly no reason
- The aiming really feels... off, somehow - I never really feel like what I am aiming at is where I am actually shooting
- Every time you return to the menu it reverts back to fullscreen again instead of remembering your windowed resolution choice

Despite all that, I still had fun and believe it's worth checking out - I may even buy DLC if any is created. Just check the patch notes to see which issues have been fixed since the writing of this review. I've actually removed some negative criticisms here because the dev is very open to suggestions and has been patching the game constantly :)

For more in-depth commentary and spoilers, you can watch my full playthrough here:
Note that this playthrough is on an old version from before 480p was added and before the option to disable camera flip was added.
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