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Posted: Jul 5, 2016 @ 12:00pm

This is an excellent puzzle game with a very philosophically challenging story. I liked the ability to freely go between puzzles and skip ones I couldn't figure out at that time. I also enjoyed the hidden challenge stars, some of which were deviously hidden and two of which I had to look at a walkthrough to find.

My main complaint is the choice funneling in the dialogue system. (Yes, there is dialogue in this game). I often felt restricted to dumb choices in situations where there was clearly a better answer. At one point in the game it seems to indicate that this limited range of choices is intentional but then it is immediately shown that isn't the case. This is however a very minor complaint, as the game is first and foremost a puzzle game and the puzzles are excellent. I was just a bit disappointed at the rather forced dialogue.

The voice acting is great. The symbolism is also on-par. It's pretty clear what the religious connotations are, but there are more subtle things like the numerous headless human statues. I really appreciate all the effort that went into making this world believable, despite the obvious ludicrousy of solving puzzles. The story is engaging and it is well worth the time to read all the documents you find to try and understand what happened.

This game is totally worth it. The Road to Gehenna DLC is worth it too, by the way! Get it if you can.

For more in-depth commentary and spoilers, you can watch my full playthrough here:
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