Kon   Wurzen, Sachsen, Germany
Multi-Genre-Gaming since 2011.

DaLuigi: a plumber prone to painting everything the fuck green -Amir
Luigi: edgelord 5000 from the men of ger. -Sir. H Roflstomp
Kon - King Kollegah is back in da hood -H0mer46
DaLuigi: Betcha did "nazi" that coming huh? :^) -Hyogo
Konegah (still alive) : Kollegahs erster Sohn, weniger Boss als der zweite. -Nobi

Welcome to my profile random steam user, friend or NSA.

About me:
My name is Konstantin, I am 20 y/o and I'm from Germany. I live in Saxony and I am trained as a IT-specialist. I am a rather relaxed and patient guy who likes to play PvE over PvP games as it's less stressful.

Games I like(d) and play(ed):
TF2 : 2900 hours and going. I am Engineer main and play competitive with the glorious Union of the gentle mercenaries.
Killing Floor 2 : The best gunplay and arcade-zombie-shooter there is for me.
Terraria : First game I had on Steam and still my favourite game today.
Kingdom Rush Series : I have a secret fetish for TD games and this is by far the best TD you'll get your hands on.
Call of Duty : The only CoD games I got my hands on were MW3 and BO2. I had a great time with some awesome screaming german friends there :B1:.
Minecraft : Always a fun game to play with others, but Singleplayer just got boring over time (had the game since initial 1.4 Beta release).
Starbound : Similar to Terraria but theres planets now. Enjoyable game, no matter if single- or multiplayer.
Battlefield 3&4&1 : Some great shooters but the playerbase starts dying quickly upon new relEA$es.
GTA V : The game was fun until multiplayer had the only purpose to act as a battle royale game.
Warframe : The game that made me love PvE and grinding my ass of for shyte I don't even use.
Stardew Valley : Having played the old Harvest Moon games, this game ported me back 10 years and gave me the childhood feels.
Monster Hunter : Similar to Warframe, love the grind and game mechanics.
CS:GO : As long as you ignore all the salt, it's an enjoyable tactical shooter.

Friendly bois:

Some genuine TF2 Shitposters:
Roflstomp: Forever lost to Ras... rip
Razo: (xD)³
Amir: My favourite jihad.
Dio: I know that Dan loves me but he just doesn't want to admit it :^)
Mérié/ebin/Gortys/decideonanamealready: Wants to trigger me with racism (mostly about nazi germany).
Bláck: A human(?) with some weird fetishes for some cartoon series and video game characters. Autism? YEEEEEEEES
Hyogo: Because you need that one guy that likes Nintendo more than anything else.
Harvey: "world's premier like button smasher"
Faily: Gender unknown. Weaboo and King of Lennyfaces and Skials VSH servers.
Gmellow, TsundereBaka, Frooty, Orange 9: Some Weebs spamming Lennyfaces and calling me Loogi. k
Weff: Deleted me "accidentally". you cant escape me

My german CoD buddies:
Magiier: Loudest screaming person in Germany comfirmed. :_D
H0mer46: We met through Minecraft, we stay for CoD. Has some great TIX. Buy a better headset pls.
WILDC4RD: Best saxony-speaking guy. Often immitates Hitler. (Check his hella nice game reviews tho)
Visu4l: After 4 years his voice is still the same but he claims it different. Still sounds like a 14 year old.
RhyZ (Maik) : "Maik, what's an ocean?" M:"It's where you live, water."
NiceApfel: PaySafeCard dealer.

My Specs:
CPU: AMD FX 8350 Eight-Core @ 4.0GHz
GPU: Gainward GTX 1070 Phoenix @ 8GB GDDR5
RAM: 16 GB (4x4GB) DDR3
Mainboard: MSI 970
Screen: Samsung S22B300H & BenQ XL2411Z
Keyboard: Roccat Isku FX
Mouse: Sharkoon Drakonia Black
Headset: Sennheiser GSP 350
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315 hrs on record
last played on Jan 21
3,000 hrs on record
last played on Jan 21
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