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The thing that impresses me the most about Undertale isn't the game itself, nor the fact that it was made on a rubbish game engine by one guy with minimal gamedev experience doing almost everything by himself (Toby Fox was able to build this in a cave! ...with a box of scraps!), nor the fact that it somehow managed to obtain virtually universal acclaim. Not that those aren't pretty impressive in and of themselves!

But I'd say the very most impressive thing about it is that despite every song on the soundtrack being beset by multitudes of remarkably talented musicians, there are terrifyingly few pieces of fan-music that can directly compete with the original tracks, which seems an absolutely preposterous notion considering that nothing should withstand creative power of that magnitude.

When the Internet bears such an impossible volume of raw energy down on anything, things generally splinter like a cheap toy. This is akin to watching a massive barrage ricochet harmlessly off of a tiny, dog-shaped tank. Needless to say, Toby Fox is a seriously good musician.

TL;DR: it's good play it. Even if you don't care for the game, you'll probably like the music. I don't even like music and I like the music
Posted February 23, 2016. Last edited February 23, 2016.
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It's good. Would be an even more fun game if it could be played as intended. Instead, you have all manner of hackers and cheats running rampant on the Ranked servers (the Open servers don't even pretend to enforce the rules) to the point that you literally can't have a game without someone tainted by illegitimate play joining, be it someone who hacks or has been given items/mana by someone who does.

In addition, individual hosts can kick (read: ban) players from their game at any time, which they can and will do frequently and without warning, reason, or provocation. You can reasonably expect to be kicked from games multiple times per play session, and never know why.

That said, both issues do not exist if you play primarily solo, with friends, or as a host. It's a pretty solid game that is still supported by a dev team, has community events on a regular basis, and generally pretty fun to play. There are a large variety of maps, heroes, and ways to play. Early, mid, and late game progression all play completely differently from one another, and they're all worth experiencing in my opinion.

I've been told the DLC system is not great, but I personally picked it up with all DLC from the Humble Bundle. Many maps and the "Nightmare" difficulty require DLC to start from your own Tavern, but all of them (except the Eternia Shards maps) can be played without owning the DLC. All of the most recent updates (and all future updates) are free, and you don't need any DLC to fully enjoy the game if you play with a friend who has it (except the Eternia Shards maps).

All heroes besides the base four are DLC. Summoner and EV are best for players who enjoy building, while Jester and Barbarian are best for players who enjoy fighting. EV can also be an extremely effective fighter if properly equipped, and Jester can be an exceedingly potent (albeit clumsy) builder. Summoner is worthless for fighting (although he can be very useful mid-wave), and Barbarian literally cannot build. The gender-swapped heroes are minor side-grades - none of them are must-have, although they can be useful if available. Builders are more useful for people playing solo (because the maps quickly become too big to handle without significant defenses), whereas fighters are more useful for people playing in groups (because the number of useful builders is limited, but fighters are always useful).
Posted August 1, 2013. Last edited December 14, 2017.
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Team Fortress 2 is one of the only FPS games I've seen that let clever strategists and twitch-aiming headshot junkies have a fair fight on an even playing field. No matter how you like to game, TF2 probably has something just for you. This game has a tremendous degree of customization, both in your gameplay and your cosmetics.

Merely having nine classes with vastly different playstyles might be enough to keep many players occupied indefinitely, but each class also has a number of weapon alternatives that dramatically alter how they are played, as well as a large number of sidegrade weapons that allow you to better tailor how your classes play to your personal playstyle.

It's also free.
Try it. It costs nothing, and it could very well become your new favorite.
Posted December 22, 2012. Last edited November 25, 2016.
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Still here. Still free. Still fun.

Easily missed due to being Free-to-Play before it was cool. Valve needs to add this to the F2P category...
Posted July 12, 2012.
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what is this i dont even
Posted December 27, 2011.
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Have I recommended this one yet? Well, even if I have it's worth putting another up. This game is just that good. Get it, you won't regret it!
Posted May 4, 2011.
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I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't played this game yet... it was even completely free at one point. Whether you have the game or not, you MUST play it. Do it. Now.
Posted December 20, 2010.
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