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Perfectionist tryhard, at your service. I pioneered wait-testing for TF2 scripting.
I might also be at least partially responsible for visible health numbers in TF2.

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Collection Statistics
Collection Overview:
All available weapons
☐ Superior non-Strange item quality
Vintage hat for each class
☒ Paint: Aged Moustache Grey
Vintage weapons
☒ Post-Mannconomy Vintages
☑ Spells: Exorcism, Pumpkin Bombs, Spectral Fire
☒ Professional Killstreaks

Cosmetics With Additional Effects:
Items that have a special feature aside from particle effects, self-illumination, or jiggle-bones.

☐ Boston Boom-Bringer
☐ Eliminating the Impossible set
☐ Dual-Purpose Fruit set
☑ Sharp Dresser
☐ Grandmaster
  Golden Wrench / Saxxy / Golden Frying Pan
Promotional items
☑ Lumbricus Lid
Ball-Kicking Boots
☑ Apoco-Fists
☐ Ap-Sap
Hardy Laurel
☐ Isolated Merc set
☐ Isolationist Pack set
Polycount Pack
☑ Special Delivery set
☑ Tank Buster set
☑ Gas Jockey's Gear set
☑ Croc-o-Style set
☑ Saharan Spy set
Decal items
☑ Conscientious Objector
☐ Clan Pride
☐ Photo Badge
Scream Fortress III
☑ Bombinomicon
☑ Tin Soldier set
☐ Highland Hound set
☐ FrankenHeavy set
☐ Brundle Bundle set
Scream Fortress IV
Voodoo-Cursed Souls
☐ Grand Duchess set
Scream Fortress V
☑ Birdheads
Magical Mercenary
☑ Haunted Hat
☑ Second Opinion
☑ Archimedes the Undying
☑ Larval Lid
☐ Spellbinder's Bonnet
Mutated Milk
Bread Bite
Self-Aware Beauty Mark
☐ Snack Attack
Invasion Update
☐ Batsaber
☑ Shooting Star
☐ C.A.P.P.E.R.

Vintage Weapon Killstreak Project:

☐ Unobtained: 06
☒ Fabricators: 22
☑ Completed:  09
  Total:     37

 5x Hypno-Beam:     For weapons designed to stun, panic, and/or confuse.
 6x Flames:       For weapons used by men who want to watch the world burn.
 6x Incinerator:      For weapons which make sacrifices for damage potential.
 5x Tornado:        For weapons about being at the right place at the right time.
 5x Cerebral Discharge:  For weapons with the ability to deliver crit-boosted death.
 5x Singularity:     For weapons that draw their power from your victims.
 5x Fire Horns:     For weapons where every shot counts.

Sheens:          Assigned based on weapon aesthetics or function.
 5x Hot Rod
 5x Deadly Daffodil
 6x Manndarin
 4x Mean Green
 5x Agonizing Emerald
 6x Villainous Violet
 6x Team Shine

Vintage Weapon Collection:
All weapons have all possible Halloween spells unless otherwise indicated.

☒ Singularity: Hot Rod.

Kritzkrieg Level: 72.
☑ Cerebral Discharge: Team Shine.

Übersaw Level: 88.
☑ Singularity: Team Shine.

☑ Flames: Mean Green.

Flare Gun Level 99.
☐ Flames: Team Shine.

☒ Flames: Deadly Daffodil.

☒ Hypno-Beam: Villainous Violet.

Sandvich Level: 88.

Killing Gloves of Boxing
☒ Cerebral Discharge: Team Shine.

Force-A-Nature Level: 87.
☐ Hypno-Beam: Mean Green

Bonk! Atomic Punch Level: 73.

Sandman Level: 79.
☒ Hypno-Beam: Manndarin.

Huntsman Level: 36.
☐ Fire Horns: Manndarin.



☒ Fire Horns: Deadly Daffodil.

Dead Ringer

Cloak and Dagger Level: 3.

Scottish Resistance
☑ Incinerator: Mean Green.

Chargin' Targe
☒ Cerebral Discharge: Villainous Violet.

☐ Singularity: Agonizing Emerald.

Direct Hit
☒ Incinerator: Agonizing Emerald.

Buff Banner


☒ Incinerator: Deadly Daffodil.
Description: "Crit damage done at health: 125 ≈ 87%, 150 ≈ 76%, 175 ≈ 65%, 200 ≈ 54%, 300 ≈ 9%"

Pain Train
☒ Hypno-Beam: Manndarin.

☑ Tornado: Villainous Violet.

Dalokohs Bar

Lugermorph [Not obtained.]
☒ Incinerator: Villainous Violet.


Scotsman's Skullcutter
☒ Tornado: Villainous Violet.

Tribalman's Shiv
☒ Hypno-Beam: Hot Rod.

Frontier Justice
☑ Cerebral Discharge: Team Shine.


☒ Flames: Hot Rod.

Southern Hospitality
☑ Incinerator: Agonizing Emerald.

☐ Fire Horns: Agonizing Emerald.

Ullapool Caber Spells: None.
☒ Fire Horns: Mean Green.

Brass Beast
☒ Tornado: Deadly Daffodil.

Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Warrior's Spirit
☒ Incinerator: Manndarin.

Crusader's Crossbow
☑ Fire Horns: Hot Rod.

☒ Tornado: Team Shine.

Sun-on-a-Stick Spells: None.
☒ Flames: Manndarin.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment
☒ Flames: Manndarin.

Fan O'War [Not obtained.]
☒ Cerebral Discharge: Deadly Daffodil.

Concheror [Not obtained.]

☑ Singularity: Hot Rod.

Conniver's Kunai
☒ Singularity: Villainous Violet.

Escape Plan
☐ Tornado: Agonizing Emerald.

Vintage Cosmetic Collection:
Scout:   Vintage Whoopee Cap
      ☑ Aged Moustache Grey
Soldier:   Vintage Drill Sergeant's Hat
      ☑ Aged Moustache Grey
Pyro:     Vintage Vintage Merryweather
      ☑ Aged Moustache Grey
Demoman: Vintage Glenngary Bonnet
      ☑ Aged Moustache Grey
Heavy:   Vintage Officer's Ushanka
      ☑ Aged Moustache Grey
Engineer:  Vintage Texas Ten Gallon
      ☑ Aged Moustache Grey
Sniper:   Vintage Shooter's Sola Topi
      ☐ [Unpainted]
Spy:    Vintage Fancy Fedora
      ☐ [Unpainted]

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