Riley (Zo)   South Carolina, United States
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I do that YouTube thing.
Move over, little dog.
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About me

I'm a 19 year old fellow from South Carolina, USA.
I have autism and various anxiety issues, and am rather shy.

In my free time I like to study boring things like world history and pro wrestling.
I've been a content creator for over five years. I have made well over a thousand videos.



"How did you come up with your username?"
Well for starters, my favorite letter is "Z", so I knew that I wanted my name to have a bunch of those.
At the time, I was heavily into playing Mortal Kombat, my favorite character being Sub Zero. I loved that name, so I simply replaced "Sub" with "Zo" and combined the two words to make "Zozero".
As for the "zos", I took inspiration from the God of War character Kratos. I loved how the "-os" sounded at the end of his name, so I put a "Z" in front of it and got "zos".
Put all of that nonsense together and you get Zozerozos.
I mainly just go by "Zo" these days, though.

don't ask lol

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I don't really care about trading, but I am willing to sell some of my items that I do not use and/or have duplicates of. Feel free to offer, but I may decline even if it's a fair trade. I do not trade for profit, I simply trade for items I want or like.
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Vox? Aug 3 @ 8:01pm 
addeed wanna trade but offer link is broken
Darp Jun 27 @ 2:45pm 
We used to talk and play together idk if you remember me though but I sent you a request
oSwiftyz May 10 @ 11:23am 
+rep fast and fair trade :D
FuturDuFutur May 10 @ 11:04am 
+rep fast and fai trader!
Archie (Dialga) May 5 @ 2:57am 
I had you on steam a few years back. Then I’d stopped using this account and you’d removed me. That’s all lmao.
Dima Apr 30 @ 1:21pm 
cutie birb