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Mainly hunting trophies on Playstation now. Achievements lost more and more charm over the years thanks to spam games and a very small amount of people that actually care about hard/AAA games.

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Name: Alex
Age: 24
Hello there! Dutch Achievement hunter here, passionate about games. If you need any help, feel free to add or ask any questions :csdsmile:

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Welcome to my profile!
A little about me
My name is Alex I am 24 years old and live in The Netherlands. I am passionate about games since I was a kid and was always into collecting and completing games.


I'm dedicated when it comes to obtaining achievements. Most of my free time I spend I will be hunting for achievements.

My favourite game genres are:

:praisesun: RPG: Dark Souls, Witcher, Nioh, Borderlands, Skyrim

:cozybrawlhalla1: Platformer: Ty The Tasmanian Tiger, Rayman, Ori, SEUM, Mario

:arkham: Adventure/Action: Tomb Raider, Batman, Oddworld

:2014lead: Simulation/Base Building: Rocksmith, Cook Serve Delicious, AoE, Cities Skylines, Logistical

:csgoskull: FPS: Call of Duty, Borderlands, Bioshock, DOOM, Payday 2

:t39trophy: Games finished 100% :t39trophy:

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A great game that I could recommend to anyone here is why:

If you can look past the graphics and the somewhat annoying interface you are in for a fantastic experience.

The game has a tutorial, altough not perfect you can get the hang of the game if you give it a few hours of your time. It is worthwhile in the end, so don't give up on the game immediately get to know the controls and how you fill the objectives.

The base game without DLC offers hours of content to enjoy. The objective is simple; move trucks from one location to another to fill the objective. You can repair roads, upgrade industries and fill the town objectives. There are ton of achievements, that you have to earn. Yes, this game has many achievements but every achievement you have to earn. This is not a spam game, thats why I recommend it even more, it is one of the only games that I'm aware of with this many achievements that isn't classified as ''spam''.

Furthermore, the developer is very active and really cares about the community. The game is constantly expanding and there are improvements to the hud aswell.

As many already said the game is very addicting. Just completing one more objective can be very satisfying, so say goodbye to your spare time.

I would highly recommend this game as I think many more players should enjoy this hidden gem.
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Finally Personal Decorator done. A lot of grinding and hard work paid off. 8 Achievements (zombies) to finally hundo this game.
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Created by - ★ Journey Over ★
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--- Note: This guide was made for the mobile version of the game and an older one at that, but I have gone through testing everything and all that before even porting this guide over

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