Robert N.   Columbia, South Carolina, United States
To all my Friends from around the Globe ,
I Thank You for Enriching My Life : Global Friendship [i.imgur.com]


Same Shit Different Decade !
So Many Games So Little Time .
Steam Better be Available in the AfterLife
You Just got Owned by the "Half Blind Half Deaf Half Crazy Old Man"
The Secret to Great Gaming >>>>>>>>> Game Naked !!!
I'm a living example of how the brain really doesn't need blood to work.
Behind every successful man is a woman who didn't marry me.
I hate my life ... can't eat, can't sleep, can't bury my wife in the backyard.
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The Haunted: Hells Reach
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Welcome to my Profile
If you wish to add me. i do not accept private profiles or vac bans. if you leave a comment on my profile with the reason your adding you are more likely to be accepted. as i get many request daily most are denied. if i find your profile interesting i may accept. i look at years on steam, steam level, games you own and comments on peoples profile and let fate decide after that.

I mainly collect Zombie, Horror, Action, FPS.
I am not into many Rpg, Strategy, Turn based or Point and Click genres.
I am open to most any offer, i enjoy filling wishlist games even if you have none of mine.
I will still check your games for something my family or friends have in their wishlist.

Check my Tradeable Games out here @ Barter [barter.vg]
Trade Feedback @ Steamtrades [www.steamtrades.com]

To all my friends who have been gifted games by the wishlist fairy through out the year
I hope you enjoy your game's. i get great pleasure knowing i have made you smile
to those who declined my gifts thinking they owe me for getting free gifts Shame on you
To all those who Pay it Forward, I applaud your generousity it is so good to see all the many
friends i have that share my passion in being the change in this world we wish to see.

My Co-op Games >>> https://pastebin.com/UB7GLx6k updated april 29, 2017

7 Days to Die Private Server's >>> Message me for the Password
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Lake's Brothel 25454 (Random Gen : No Creative Mode)
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Homefront: The Revolution
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Brandon D IRL Gentlespy Jun 23 @ 11:28pm 
Hey There DamageInc. so look I was wondering if it's okay I could join your DamageInc. group
R0l0DZE0 Jun 20 @ 4:01am 
+rep Great trader ^^
Emil215p Jun 20 @ 2:19am 
hello i add you because you play the same type of games as me
unforgetable_ize Jun 18 @ 8:39am 
Happy Fathers Day luv!!! xoxoxoxoxox
Geschwollene Schlägerei Jun 15 @ 4:26pm 
+1 million rep there are not enough people like him in the world and wish him the best of luck on anything and everything he does :)
♯ṂaxɇӎᴏƦ[ǤɌ]ツ Jun 13 @ 10:17am 
What a shiny profile gg