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LawBreakers is a fast-paced team-based brawler. There are many classes to choose from to help bring your team to victory. It has beautifully made highly detailed maps, a variety of special moves per character to bring the pain to your opponents. You can play online with random people or host a custom game with friends, though custom games will not earn you xp. The gameplay is very fun and challenging at the same time. The controls are solid, with a slight learning curve to become accustomed to the variety of classes you can play.

Exellent Map Design's
Smooth Brilliant Graphics
Trading Cards

Only 1 Team Death Match Map
Low Server Population Currently

Scoring @ 8 out of 10

This game really is a lot of fun, if we can just get the player base increased it could get the recognition it deserves.

Note: This Product Received for free, Review is based on my personal expeirance with the game and based entirely on my own feed back. our group also purchaed 5 copies for member's of our group to increase our custom game player base.

I would like to thank the developer @bosskey and publisher @nexon_america for giving our group access to the title, it truly has been a pleasure for us to dive into this title. Looking forward to playing it much more in the future. and you are always welcome to come to our channel to play with us or visit our streams of it, your support was beyond exceptional.

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The Suspect Apr 5 @ 5:17pm 
Jesus kak.

Almost 2,500 games!
Ashm4n Apr 3 @ 11:18pm 
|F|ábio-|G|anga Mar 30 @ 10:43am 
+reo good trader
DamageInc. Feb 25 @ 2:29am 
yeah i have a addiction to survival games :coffeeTLD:
Soedric Feb 24 @ 10:45pm 
No problem Damage! When I played it all I could think was that you'd love the game. :steamhappy: