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Matthew Greer   California, United States
I'm a moderator on Rushy Servers. Check out my primary group!
I play the clarinet and piano sometimes.
YouTube I barely use nowadays:
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Last updated: 7/14/20
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Caiden Aug 15 @ 4:05pm 
You will regret this
Caiden Aug 15 @ 4:02pm 
shi​tty as​s mods
Caiden Aug 15 @ 4:01pm 
fu​ck you bi​tch really gonna perma ban me for nothing?
Matthew G Jul 29 @ 12:57pm 
the mute lasted two hours bro why are you digging yourself a deeper grave
Caiden Jul 29 @ 8:33am 
Unmute me and I won't say ni​gger
Matthew G Jul 28 @ 3:09pm 
dont call people the n word man it's that easy