Fabian 'Chink & Gook slayer' Diepstraten   Vienna, Wien, Austria
my brain is working on overclocker mode 720 jigahertzes nvIDIA 16 FUCKING GISKASKOOLLION IQ CPU MULTICORE SANDY BRIDGIES POOOOOOG

i can feel the fuckin small chippy chips in my brain bois tikitikitikitikitik
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-rep kid idiot noob
Axl Jul 9 @ 2:14am 
+rep knows how to carry a briefcase
Francis Of The Filth Jul 8 @ 3:12pm 
-rep is an idiotic annoyingh kiddo
back in 2-3 weeks Jun 12 @ 11:53am 
♥♥♥♥♥s with legendary swords, heroic leap, netshot and charge give the best head
Axl Jun 12 @ 11:22am 
warrior mains
back in 2-3 weeks Jun 12 @ 8:58am 
Tsuyu mains