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Personal Achievements

Light It Up

Turn your armor's light ON during a path

Give It a Real Try

Rise from a K.O. 20 times

What a Thrill

Get an A rank in Furi difficulty (story mode)

It Gives Me Hope

Get a S rank in Furi difficulty (story mode)

Furier than Ever

Complete the game in Furier difficulty

That Was Intense

Get a S rank in Furier difficulty (story mode)

Neon Swagger

Keep the armor glowing at maximum level for one full phase

So Fresh

Grab 10 heal pickups during a fight

Perfect Parrier

Achieve 5 perfect parries during one fight against a guardian

Boost Master

Hit one guardian 10 times with a boost hit in one fight without game over

Ping Pong

Parry the same bullet 3 times after it bounces back from The Hand's shield

Let's Brawl

Hit a guardian 10 times with a melee attack in one fight without game over

Take It Back

Parry 20 bullets against a guardian in one fight without game over

Jedi Master

Parry 20 consecutive hits against a guardian without getting hit


Defeat a guardian within 5 minutes


Defeat a guardian without taking any hits

Faster than M

Beat Furi’s designer’s best speedrun time: 2:12:42

Faster than B

Beat Furi's combat designer’s best speedrun time: 1:29:56


Break all of The Line's shields before hitting him

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