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n.c Dec 2 @ 1:17am 
sorry, I sent a trade offer, but I forgot to add a cap to the exchange and the bot managed to accept the exchange, could you please give me a cap that I forgot to add the name of the cap The Patriot Peak.
S m o k E Nov 30 @ 11:25pm 
@k4rt - my trade offer URL is on bp.tf

@Guns - For reports relating to trading with scammers - you must provide
1. At least 2 item histories of items that were traded and also include any keys that were part of the trade
2. compare links on both sides.
Guns Nov 30 @ 6:01am 
https://backpack.tf/u/76561198060511598 this guy is ban for 2369 day ago is write ? so ppl trade with during during this period can be ban ?
Guns Nov 30 @ 5:59am 
explain me how to report someoen trade with a scammer plz !
5 | Nov 27 @ 2:08pm 
Offer sent for the Iron Bomber
EMRE Nov 27 @ 10:13am 
hi can u add me for trade offer?
gaming maid Nov 26 @ 11:58pm 
hello can you accept offer on spec ks gold botkiller rocket already please, thanks
GunnerCat Nov 26 @ 6:22pm 
Jsus, what a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ cheapstake, atleast he apologized that he wrongly listed it, some people just literal decline and block you for it.
S m o k E Nov 26 @ 2:21pm 
@BannyMoney you never gave the proof asked by the mod hence you warning was not revoked, and your 1 day ban is for a completely different reason. Don't confuse that to this.
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 12:47pm 
I have twice encountered "justice" on backpack.tf)), I was warned and later banned for 1 day for what I did not do (cancel the trade) and it was with you that I chatted))
Such is your "justice"
S m o k E Nov 26 @ 12:30pm 
It is true that everyone is responsible for their listings. If you don't want to discuss it its fine, but rules are there as a guideline, you cant expect everything to be mentioned there, somethings are just common sense. We don't force the rule on someone when they make a genuine mistake.

Good day
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 10:45am 
I don't want to discuss it anymore, I've already figured it all out
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 10:43am 
in the rules of backpack.tf it is said that everyone is responsible for their listings, and nothing is said about the mistakes))) and you did not know?
S m o k E Nov 26 @ 10:37am 
@BannyMoney Maybe you do not understand or not read what i said below, we do not punish or warn users for making mistakes.
Jimmy Nov 26 @ 9:54am 
JJose Nov 26 @ 9:46am 
hey i've sent you an offer for your Trickster's Treats
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 9:22am 
The funny thing is that you do not recognize this as a violation of the rules of the site on which you are the administrator
no longer need to unsubscribe)) I understand everything
S m o k E Nov 26 @ 9:17am 
I dont see what is funny here but ok.
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 9:14am 
S m o k E Nov 26 @ 9:13am 
No? not for mistakes. We remove their listing and let them know they had listed an item in refs instead of keys.
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 8:53am 
but for such errors you order other users regularly. By canceling the exchange offers, you have violated the rules of the site on which you are the administrator. How to perceive it?
S m o k E Nov 26 @ 8:48am 
Well it was a mistake at my end, I listed a 28 key item for 16 ref by mistake.
While few tried to warn me, some wanted to get that item for 16 ref. I corrected my listing and declined trades that came in for 16 ref.
BannyMoney Nov 26 @ 8:18am 
why did you cancel my exchange offers? you violate the rules of backpack.tf and must be held responsible for your listings. You have to punish yourself as a backpack.tf administrator
bad medic Nov 26 @ 6:50am 
sent you a offer
n o o b Nov 26 @ 6:48am 
Hi, I sent offer
Jimmy Nov 26 @ 6:08am 
Offer sent
GunnerCat Nov 26 @ 5:26am 
im buying your lugermorph mate!
S m o k E Nov 24 @ 12:30pm 
Not interested
lxrd-o-rama Nov 24 @ 12:28pm 
trading scattergun with profesional ks
Mikhail Nov 23 @ 2:36pm 
Added to offer brass beast
Lofull Nov 23 @ 8:44am 
trading black paint for your keys + ref
stan Nov 21 @ 9:32pm 
Trading double spelled gibus for your strange balloonihoodie
S m o k E Nov 13 @ 2:23pm 
Dont have any skins, try that on someone else
8============D Nov 13 @ 7:02am 
Wanting to do a 175$ paypal trade with lots of skins involved
Nog0s Nov 10 @ 9:20am 
sent a trade offer :)
mario gaming Nov 7 @ 11:10am 
your bot trade offer, idk when it gets accepted
Elquetecuento Nov 3 @ 2:44pm 
Hello! Looking for some trading help :)
Smolg™ Oct 31 @ 11:57pm 
sent offer
merelymyself Oct 31 @ 4:03am 
added to sell fist bump
RibEye Oct 29 @ 12:07pm 

Friendly Guy 🤴❤️
😊😊 We can be friends for future games 😊😊

❤️┌──── ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ ────┐❤️
✅+Rep Friendly guy! ✅
❤️└──── ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ ────┘❤️
❤️✅+REP Nice profile ! ✅❤️
✅+REP Have a nice day ! ✅
Professional Dipshit Oct 28 @ 5:28pm 
i want to sell keys for paypal :v
minduzas Oct 28 @ 12:29pm 
Hi bro, please add me reputation status ;)
Fridge | allkeyshop Oct 28 @ 6:13am 
Can u send me a trade request for kazotsky kick
ongaku. Oct 25 @ 3:08am 
Sent offer. Perfect offer. Thanks! <3
[knights] Azeyru Oct 25 @ 2:48am 
Scammer! Stole my stream creds, this is in fact my steam account. Dont trust. Warning . He is Xi Jinping's right hand man. :ab_chineseflag:
Maikal Oct 23 @ 12:18pm 
Added to discuss something of importance, please message me once you accept the request.
TRKY_ Oct 22 @ 11:38pm 
Sent offer for the Combustible Cutie
Ghost Oct 21 @ 12:18pm 
add me for trade
Larryyyy Oct 18 @ 10:05am 
added for trade
Splarkszter Oct 18 @ 2:53am 
I readed your guide, i'm more inspired now to do trades.
Love your career.