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Posted: Feb 27 @ 7:45pm

Sheesh, there is so much wrong with this game. The story is weak (though most of the characters aren't bad). The AI is incredibly dumb, sending soldiers back and forth. You have to listen to Miles be impressed by EVERY upgrade you make (and you make a lot of them). You have to go back through the title screen just to quit. It's a pain to figure out what perks/handicaps actually mean (hint: the equipment screen is the best place). The whole business with prejudice against the purple-haired people just flat out vanished. Gauging how far a soldier can run takes a long time to learn. UGH!!!

But I'm rating the game up for sure. Why? Because the battle system is like a 3D XCOM game. Have everyone move and shoot, then the enemy moves and shoots, then back to you again. All the classes are useful in enough situations that you'll want to bring some of everything for most of the battles. Even though the enemy is dumb, there's enough of them that the game can get pretty challenging.

Also, while the overall story isn't so good, there are plenty of good lines scattered around the story. (Walz, seriously, when they say "love your enemy," they don't mean it like THAT!)

Between the main campaign an the character stories, there's plenty of content in this game. There's more you can do after the game, too, including a "true" ending you can work for. Make sure you are really enjoying the game before you pay for DLC to add even more content.
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