*Angry Dwarf Noises* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
:chug: Welcome Drengbarazi :chug:
Just your generic avid Dwarven devotee. Just love em. Whenever there's an option to be a Dwarf you can bet your sweet bippy, I'm going to be on that ♥♥♥♥.

What about Elves you say? What can I say about em, just a bunch of knife-ears if you ask me. Aint nothing good ever came about mingling with them folk. Trust me Dawri, I'd rather a thousand grudges than muck about with one of them forest dwelling, bow using, long legs having, nature loving, to good for mountain living, no pickaxe wielding, high and mighty acting, can't survive a day in the mines being, using my Dwarven stature as a arm rest having, can't handle their ale chugging, Leaf Lover's Special drinking... Elf any day! /joke
Personal Game Records ┻┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻┻
:Horzine: Foundry Worker Aldridge: :Horzine:
"When you're being paid more than three times the expected salary for unskilled labor, you learn not to ask questions. When inhuman screams can be heard from further down the assembly line, you close the door and take lunch break. When the door flies off its hinges and a mangled combination of man and machine comes charging in - lunch break is over."

Rat Slapping Enthusiast.
:wh: Vermintide 2 +Levels
:empireskull: Kruber - +336
:dwarfsymbol: Bardin - +381
:warpstone: Kerillian - +253
:empirecross: Saltzpyre - +276
:skaven: Sienna - +263
:ranald: (3/1/21)

DRG - Rock & Stone!
:redbeard: Overall Player Rank - 564
:pickax: Driller - Legendary 1
:morkite: Engineer - Legendary 1
:goldvein: Gunner - Legendary 2
:nitra: Scout - Legendary 1

Top Game Hours:
:overkill: Payday 2 // 2.4k //
:cursed_grim: Vermintide 2 // 2.2k //
:Lotus: Warframe // 1.6k //
:Dosh: Killing Floor // 1.2k //
:cozybethesda: Fallout 4 // 952 //
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