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Before you ask, YEAH you got fragged by a girl gamer
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Shake N' Bake 23 uur geleden 
Hey Conn, my account was hacked when you unfriended me. Could you accept me please?
Qruz1n ☽ 21 sep om 8:59 
very gay
Bänkpress 5 aug om 13:06 
Signed By Conns' mother:brownchicken:
Bänkpress 5 aug om 8:27 
Ask NASA if they have a spare computer
Pastor Dan 16 jun om 20:32 
I want to drink the clear ♥♥♥♥ that comes out of your nips when I squeeze them.
CookieBurner 30 mei om 23:51 
10/10 best team mate. has the knowledge and the skills to carry. dont listen to da h8rs