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"It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are... than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise." -Henry David Thoreau

"Men are born to succeed, not to fail." -Henry David Thoreau

Be kind to those who are not, for they are who need it most.

Shit I Fucking Love:



9:36 PM - Bob Ross: "shaft me sir"

8:38 AM - Bob Ross: I fucking crit Jag'd a heavy to dead
8:38 AM - Bob Ross: *death
8:38 AM - Bob Ross: I threw my mouse off my desk in the process

Salad Snork : Damage Given to 'Zem' - 3 in 1 hit
Salad Snork : how much did it tickle

[USA] [USA] ✪ theWUster : zem can u teach me how to be a korean weab

zeus kill‎ : I only play with Zem to hope he dies and gives me his ak

"You're just an nerd that likes to get high."

"There did be weed"
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Artwork right - Gold Smoke temp
You must comment your reason for adding me on my profile, otherwise it will be declined, without question.

If you seek to trade with me, bear in mind I trade for profit. If you attempt to scam me, the trade will be terminated. I do not trade for real money or for PayPal, I trade for skins.

In game accommodations are greatly appreciated when earned respectively.

I'm a graphic designer. I made my profile graphics.

My Twitch [www.twitch.tv]

CS:GO Improvement Playlist
CS:GO Improvement Collection

My Autoexec [pastebin.com]

My ESEA [play.esea.net]

My Faceit [www.faceit.com]

Some tips:
1. Don't beg for things, I don't give stuff away when asked.
2. I have a high tendency to not respond while in-game, my dearest apologies.
3. I don't want your garbage, even if you're "quickselling."
4. I will never join your raffle.

DPI: 400 (Always)
sensitivity: 2.5 (Generally)


I have something like 10.3k source engine game hours. I play how I feel like playing.

Emoticons I own:

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Casual psychedelic guru :cupup::emofdr:
Weasel 2019년 10월 29일 오전 10시 17분 
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+rep great guy to play against, and with. Great with the AWP, and Scout.
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zem im sorry i didn't mean it
✪ LennyS 2019년 4월 18일 오후 8시 17분 
+rep cool dude, good awper
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