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If you comment on my profile, someone with a same name and profile picture as me will add you. Please block that person cause it's a scammer, and if you get scammed by them please do not blame me.
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This Is My Only Account.
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Any unusual you can see on my backpack is up for sell without any doubt.

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If I have keys, I can buy quick sells.
I'll pay just a bit more then quick buyers.

Thank you.

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A cursed croc 26 marca o 8:09 
adding for trade hat to kill for
Mr. Mediocre 21 marca o 10:14 
Adding to trade :)
Quantum 15 marca o 1:54 
Adding for negotiation
Buy my stuff! 15 marca o 1:47 
yah sorry, thats a huge lowball.
Captain Boat 15 marca o 1:47 
so...what do you think... :3
Captain Boat 15 marca o 1:42 
um now im scared