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Seb Young   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
CS:GO Awper / Team Leader for TheBigBoys
9/11 - Osama - Here comes the airplane!
US Government - oh fuc............
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Hello, These are some things about me
:csgocross: Name: Zeb
:csgocross: Age: 13
:csgocross: Favourite Games: CS:GO, PUBG, Rust, GTA V, Payday 2
:csgocross: My Discord Server: Friends of Zeb [discord.gg]
:csgocross: Country: UK
:csgocross: Language: English

Common Questions

:csgoct: Can I Add you?
Yes, but say why.

:csgoct: Can we Play Some Game You Don't Have?

:csgoct: Are u a girl lol
No lol

:csgoct: Can we trade?
Ok, But read the next section.

These are my trading rules, if we trade, you must abide by them.
:csgoglobe: Don't send me a trade request asking for free skins
:csgoglobe: Don't try to scam me or I will report and block you
:csgoglobe: Don't ask me to withdraw skins for you.
:csgoglobe: I only do trades through Steam, I wont click on any outer sites.
:csgoglobe: I wont trade with you if your Inventory is Private.
:csgoglobe: I only accept trades which are fair to me
Don't even try to scam me m8.

Russians / Pусские
глупая сука блять

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