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Before you add, because everysteamprofileeverdoesn'talreadydothis.avi
The 10 commandments or something

1. Dispite what you may think, I have a lot of friends on steam because, believe it or not, I haven't been able to clean out my list. It's not just because i'm a "friend collecter", no. It's because removing all the friends who I do not talk to is very teedious, and very low on my priority list. Sorry if having a lot of people on some meaningless list is a sin...

2. No. My items are NOT free. I will only trade with you if you are very closely aquainted to me. I am not made out of money, and despite the fact that I am generous, I don't give away shit that is close to my heart. I worked damn hard to get that stuff because I don't spend a lot of my money on pointless crap for an electronic game.

3. No, I am not a Weeaboo just because I am in some anime groups. Again, I want to clear out my list, but that is very low on my priority list. You know, I got better things to do. While I think that the history, culture, and modern arts of japan are interesting, I have never watched anime before (Unless you would count speed-racer...). I just like japanesse arts and games. That's all. I know you are probably saying "Weeb" ironically, but I just need to put this here.

(P.S. The thing at the bottom of this info-box is an inside joke.)

4. If you see my comments on other people's profiles, and they look racist or offensive, I am doing that ironically. No need to be upset.

5. Simillarly, don't be afraid to talk to me. I am usually too busy goofing off to start a conversation first. If you want to talk to me, go ahead! I would love to talk about... nearly anything.

6. I am very compassionate to others. I try to help make other people's days better. Please, if you need ANYONE to talk to, you can talk to me.

7. Please, stop pointlessly complaining about things that don't matter. It's not healthy. The global warming crisis is something to be worried about. Not Waluigi being excluded from smash bros.

8. I have a life. Don't expect me to be playing on steam 24/7. I am usually on steam, but don't expect instant responses to your messages.

9. If you use the terms "Normie", "Autist", or "Cringe" in an argument, just stop. You have mauled all of those terms to the point of them being basically meaningless now. If you use those in an argument or as a legitimate insult, I have lost ALL respect for you and your argument. Think of something creative, you half-wit.

10. I am a writer, so if you want to do RP or even ERP with me, go ahead. But please don't do anything disgusting or tasteless...

Okay, those are my rules. Got it? Good! I will enjoy having you as a friend!

I believe that love is not a static thing. It isn't just a feeling, nor set of feelings. It should never be dictated by others. So, no matter who you are, or who you like, love is love. And that is that. No matter who you love, wether it be older, younger, black, white, male, female, real, fake, it doesn't matter. As long as it's consentual, and legal. Remember that. You don't have to agree, but I think it is pretty solid logic.

Bio, since you do really care, right?

"Mental Age": I have been said to act very adult, this is comming from both my peers, teachers, family, and my Girlfreind*.

Main Personality Traits: Dreamer, lover, speaker.

Likes: Writing, Drawing, Thinking, and Speaking.

Dislikes: Extremists, Loudmouths, Fools, Pessimists, Loud Teenagers.

Good points: Freindly, accepting, deterministic, optimistic.

Bad points: Forgetful, lazy (sometimes), slow, weary.

Games I play

DOOM (& Mods)
Half Life
Need for Madness
Touhou Project
& Others (Stuff from my past).

Where you can find me!

Twitch: (Coming Soon)


Join me at my account: DoktaWhawee



Gensokyo Guru Group:

Whawee Town:

*:Yuyuko: is Waifu. Best Waifu.

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          ,.'´    `ヽ.  ,. ''"´ ̄`ヽ、
           ,'  i       Y´         ':,
        |  ';       !  ,ゝ、      ',
        ,.:'i    ヽ、,_____,,ノ_,/ヽ、 `ヽ、,_____,ノ
    ;'::::::::::/::::::::;:': _L_::!:::::::::::::;i--‐!:::::::!::::::〉
    i:::::::::;'::::::::/ ´ _L_;ハ:::::::::::/ ,ァ r '、::;ハ:::/
    !::::::::!:::::::::! ァ' ´i ´ ノ|``  ';/ iノ! !V!::::`(
     '、;:::::'、:::::::!';  '、 , リ      `’ ,., 〈へ ノ
      ' :;::::::ヽハ`,.,.,         ハ:::ヽ.
     ノ::::ヽ;:::::::;ゝ.、.,,___ ´_,,.イ::::;ハ::ノ   
     (::::::ノ::::::/ヽ,.! イ ,!_,ノ ´ソレ'´`ヾ!
       .)´`ヽノ`/´;   レムヽ,イ ;    ':,
            !  i ',w,/   !   、 ,ノ
          〈__,,.! 〈〉    `'rァ''こヘ
            Y' i ,   i   `k'´ `\,
           !/ '   ';    ヽ\  `;
          _,.' /     ',     `ヽ`、ー-'´
        r'/           ヽ.  \`'ァ、
       r'く_ /    i    ',    \ ,.イノ
       `ー、>、_   _」_     ', __,,.イノ
         ` ヽ こ ニ ン こ ハ こ 二ン__ノ-'´
           ! `'/  ̄ ̄|''´ / 
           |  ,'      !  ,'
           `ー'    `ー'

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