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A person that likes to do some lua scripting, play games, artworks and stuff.

Please leave a comment before you send me a friend request or if i know you or something then that doesnt apply. (not always or something)

And has a broken english language, so don't expect sometimes i misspell something english

Currently i'm not doing too much scripting on gmod basically its random. Sometimes i do scripting on gmod with lua (clientside codes and serverside sometimes) and i play gmod and with friends (and alone too) and I play TF2 on DFS servers and others servers too.

It's been 2 years of artworking on gmod and also i really improved on artworks by time. I even dont know how much artworks i did on gmod and good things and sad things happened by doing artworks. Sad things which is favorite servers being shut down, parents, pets dying, etc and good things which is meeting new friends, new servers and doing artworks for friends. In the begin i started to do like small artworks (not too much characters, stuff) and then i was getting improved, knowing more stuff about artworks tips. (Camera, CC, Bloom, Lifemod addon, etc) It's actually sad for seeing favorites servers being shut down and servers which you are part of it (like being moderator, vip, etc) being closed. I'm feeling proud of myself on doing artworks for a really long time and im thinking i should do more than artworks like animations on gmod but only if i get my new pc (and a new mouse for not having trouble on the works) for that and i will try to keep my motivation on doing artworks keep high and so be famous on youtube and show for my fans my artworks and see that its something legendary which you will remember for a really long time.

I'm (might) playing more Meta Construct servers on gmod like daily and stuff .(if possible)

Also i did have the DFS tag on my name and its been 4 years with it but sadly i removed it, the reason why its because i did have that tag for so long and the bonus exp by using the tag is gone and the servers have alot of members (7k+ members) so i guess i dont need to use the DFS tag on my name anymore.

The reason why i'm not doing too much artworks (for example, only after 10/15 days) it's because that i'm waiting for a new PC and a new mouse. (my mouse have a double click problem where if you click once, sometimes it will click twice and my pc sometimes can limits my ideas of artworks for example a bigcity with full of characters)

And also since i got a editor for my videos it means that my artworks might be more delayed because of the videos. (It might depends of how much long is the video, free time, etc)

Currently my youtube channel is being hard for me due to the reason that i dont have my new pc gamer because i already recorded all the games i have on ps2 (the working ones) and sadly the phone audio is kinda bad for recording. The only thing which will improve alot my channel is the pc gamer because i will be able to record my PC games (including gmod) with high quality, fps, etc and stuff but i might need even more subscribers for my channel so my channel can be more famous and i finally complete my dream.

Oh and i main Demoman on TF2 cuz its pure demo.

And yes, I have a Youtube channel. and remember that i'm not doing any english videos anymore on my channel, only brazil videos.
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/dev/yesn't Mar 6 @ 5:05pm 
Lukaswbrr: send hewp
Lukaswbrr: it was youw fauwt >w<
Lukaswbrr Mar 5 @ 12:22pm 
ja foi arrumado | its fixed now
FiNiShYy | :) Mar 5 @ 9:44am 
nem sei o que fazer :c
Lukaswbrr Mar 5 @ 8:59am 
Então gente, eu vou preciso da ajuda de vocês. por alguma razao minha steam está bugada ela está mostrando todos meus amigos offline mas na verdade estão onlines e alguns onlines porem se eu tento enviar uma mensagem, ela um erro ao enviar e fica impossivel de enviar uma mensagem. | Okay guys i need your help. for somer reason my steam is bugged it shows that my friends are offline but that is not true and some onlines but if i try to send a message for my online friends, the message gets a error and makes it impossible to send a message.
Mari Feb 13 @ 9:06am 
sim ://
FiNiShYy | :) Feb 13 @ 8:27am 
Voce foi baitada igual eu