Interesting   Moscow City, Russian Federation
Difficult to escape a mom die.

If you talk to me in other languages (except english), You may experience a crazy dream like dialogue. >:)


特别提醒: 本人目前已经开学大约只能在 周五周六周日 上线.
Warning: I have started school so you can only see me on Friday , Saturday , Sunday .
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- RAM:8GB DDR3 1600MHz with 11GB SSD
- CPU:AMD FX-8300 Eight-Core Processor with 3.30GHz
- 硬盘:128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
- SYS:Windows 10 with 64-bit
- 主板类型:ATA

- RAM:8GB DDR3 1333MHz with 4GB SSD
- GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6520G with 1.5GB VRAM / AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series
- CPU:AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics with 1.50GHz
- 硬盘:128GB SSD
- SYS:Windows 8 with 64-bit

☑️ C++ (一点点)
☑️ LUA (编辑的话没问题)
☑️ CMD/BAT (毁电脑基础基本掌握)

☑️ Adobe After Effect (小司机)
☑️ Adobe Photoshop (小司机)
☑️ Source Filmmaker (至少做过几个成功的短片)
☑️ Unreal Engine 4 (小司机)
☑️ 3DSMAX (萌新)
☑️ Maya (萌新)
☑️ EDIUS (老司机)
☑️ WPF (还算可接受)

Warn: I have Photoshop, so most of my photos are made by myself.(????)

Please do NOT try to do the following stuff, or I mightl REMOVE you from my friendlist or BLACKLIST you.

Ask me to give you free items for some clownish reason or even for no reason——Sorry, I am not a philanthropist.

*以可笑的理由向我索要外挂——抱歉,我并不属于 Dirty Hack
Ask me to give you game hack for some clownish reason——Sorry, I am not a Dirty Hack .

Unnecessary Steam group invite——If you are not sure if I need to join, you can PM me and ask.

Invite me to play the game that I don't have at all, or frequently invite me(in a few minutes) to your game while I am gaming——As I've said before, you can ask me, instead of messing up with me.

*我能理解 中文 、以及简单的 英语 。所以即使你在Steam上习惯用其他语言讲话,也请你在和我交流的时候使用我能够看得懂的语言。如果我连你说的话是什么意思都不懂的话,我可能会在清理好友时优先考虑删除你。
I can understand Chinese and some simple English . So even if you are used to talk in other languages on Steam, when chat with me, please use the language I can understand. If I can not even understand what you want to express, then I might first consider removing you from my friendlist when I am cleaning it.

Other things that will make me sick——Briefly, just keep it normal.


我不接受任何个人资料为 “私密” 的人的好友邀请,朋友是相互的,你可以知道我的信息,而且我也有权知道你的。(如果你的个人资料为“仅限好友”,请留言给我,说明理由,一般我会接受的)
I DO NOT accept any friend invite by those whose profile page is "Private" , let's become multi-friends, not just you know my basic stuff, I have the rights to know your stuff as well(If your profile page is "friend only", then leave a message to me, give me the reason about why you add me, mostly I would accept).


我所制作的任何艺术作品,截图均允许转载,转载时请注明我的昵称( 战栗时空 或者 Interesting )。
You have the permission to reproduce my artworks and screenshots, when you do so, please indicate my nickname( Zhanlishikong or Interesting ).


其实我没有那么严肃啦 QWQ
浅蓝唤者 Feb 21 @ 7:40am 
我准备买一个SE 一起玩吗
浅蓝唤者 Feb 21 @ 7:18am 
兄弟 开挂需谨慎啊 我这个号开了好多挂 都没封
123 Feb 21 @ 4:18am 
浅蓝唤者 Feb 21 @ 2:06am 
而且你设置私密 怎么看啊...
浅蓝唤者 Feb 21 @ 2:06am 
拿jb 封了就不可以交易那个游戏的东西了
123 Feb 20 @ 7:18am