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breakeven Apr 11, 2019 @ 3:47am 
"Cry is free" expression meaning

I see this posted a lot, I remember even seeing people posting "cry is not free because yadayada, tears cost whatever".

The free in portuguese used in the expression has nothing to do with value, it has to do with freedom.
Cry is free literally means "you are allowed to cry" or "everyone is free to cry".

Expression "o choro é livre" and "o choro é grátis" literally translate to the same thing but mean completely different things, the second sentence doesn't even exist but it is what 90% of the people think it means I guess.

"Grátis" is what is used for when an item is "free" and doesn't cost anything.

Anyways people that use the expression are just trying to troll and are retarded.

Now you just learned another useless piece of information for your daily life, and I hope I was helpful for that. Cheers.