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Nier: Automata's Review By Zebax

I have been playing in a R7 1700@3.45Ghz paired with RX 590 at 4K@45fps Windows 10 Pro with some fps drops and High Settings. The game was very playable, with some crashes at somepoint but it later fixed itself. I used the FARMOD with no major problems.


"Androids fight for Humans in a war against Aliens whom used machines/robots to destroy earth and make humans fly to the moon." You are 2B a elite fighter from The YoRHa Project in the task to help in the war.

In some parts the game is very pretty, some areas are something you will never see in another game, like the Copied City and the Tower. Some textures are very low resolution, and felt very basic compared to other AAA games , but is fine to me.

Voice is fully Japanese/English, one of the best I have seen in a game , with english subtitles.

Ohh boy , this could be by far one of the prettiest soundtrack in any video game ever. I was really temped to buy the physical CD-ROM disks, is simply amazing. It makes the game feel EPIC and like if you were in a very very distant future. Action wise the soundtrack was really on point to what was happening on screen. Even the game has a jukebox and a chair to sit down relax and enjoy the different tracks. The game has even a 8 bit versions of the main tracks for the hacking gameplay. The soundtrack is a very important part of the game and I felt in love with it.


  • Hack and Slash (Bayonetta and DMC Style) with bullet hell and a lot of Zones dedicated to it.
  • 3 different Characters (2B , 9S , A2) and play styles , and various POD to do the shooting part.
  • Its an RPG so , you have some NPCs , History quests , sidequest , backtraking and some reading.
  • There is a Level System to raise your stats (Max lvl 99).
  • You can change and upgrade your weapons.
  • You can upgrade your POD and set it with different habilities.
  • There is some minor branching options.

There is some IMPORTANT points worth to mention:

  • If you play with 2B and finish that route, you are only seeing like a 20% of the game , so you will have to keep playing!!
  • The game and history is divided by 4 routes (A,B,C,D) with 3 different characters and different side quests.
  • The game has 26 endings. By no means you have to play everything again, you just have to do some things in different parts of the game. Only 4 of them are cinematic, Final E is considered to be the true one (You literally will have to fight for it).
  • For history sake you will have to replay the first Route Refered as (A) it was about +15 hours for me, even with 9S (Route B) was about 15+ hours long , you will have a total of 30 hours Introductory. So DONT GIVE UP keep playing, route C will come after wich is a game changer.

About Route C

This part of the game can be very frustrating because the amount of enemies, and they hit very hard.

I HIGHLY recommend to start your Route C at least Level 45-50 and have 2 Main Weapons +4 and a lot of HP Potions, or you will be ass kicked in no time. Enemies do a lot of damage and you will be literally swarm by a dozens of them at the same time.


To be fair the history is kind of confusing sometimes, Nier:Automata plays with some many philosophical topics and make you think about the real life in a good way. Some of the text have a technical air and presentation, to make you feel you are inside them. You will fall in love with 2B and 9S.

Automata's history is told by pieces and dialogs, some documents, text screens ( along with the excellent soundtrack), and of course some pre-rendered scenes.

Final's Toughs

This game is a MASTERPIECE . The game will try to impress you everytime it could until the last minute, with its AMAZING soundtrack and great voice acting, and the excellent combat make it, one of the best game you could ever play. This game will have you at the edge of your seat and his a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughs. The PC port could be very harsh to some people, it will not even run, but for this game the troubleshoot will worth the effort.

For me is the best game I ever played in my life.

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