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Bwee... I'm a crazy person who plays far too many games. Sometimes singleplayer. Sometimes multiplayer. I'll play just about anything so long as it is well-made and fun. :D

Please don't send random friend invites. I'll almost always reject them. Also, should you be on my friends list, try not to chat with me when I am in the middle of a game. If you do, don't be upset if I don't reply. :s

Otherwise, we should get along just fine! :3
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Regarding Multiplayer Games, Past and Present
Here is a list of the ones I currently play, as well as a selection of games that I played in the past. If a game is not on this list... either I don't play it or I forgot about it somehow. That does happen. :o

Current Multiplayer Games (Played regularly):

- ARK: Survival Evolved (Yureina/Rei), The reaper has awoken once again. :bern: ... at least when I can play with friends with shared interests in blowing stuff up. XD

- War Thunder (Yureina, US), This has been on a long hiatus for me thanks in part to unlocking literally every plane in the game (at the time) and not having the interest to do the same with tanks. Also I have tons of other games to play so online multiplayer is usually at a disadvantage. Still, if one of my friends actually wants to play this game... i'll gladly join you and can either help out if you are new, go vroom in jets and cold war era tanks, or anything in between. :makina_irisu:

Inactive Multiplayer Games (Installed):

- Payday 2, Reinstalled and sometimes play. I'm at infamy XXV-100 and have a disgusting amount of money. At this point the only reason I would play this is for fun and achievements. I prefer to host, however, because others either have massive sticks up their arses or very unstable connections. Actually kinda reminds me of my WoW days when I preferred forming groups because joining others always seemed like a ticket to wasting my time.

- Left 4 Dead 2, I reinstalled this because I saw mods that let me change the characters to ones from Madoka Magica. But I've never really been good at this game nor particularly liked it. Killing Floor was better to me.

Former Multiplayer Games (Prolly not playing these again, but... you never know):

- World of Warcraft (Yureina, Wyrmrest Accord-US), ~15,000 hours played, 610,000 gold, quit in Oct 2010 after literally running out of things to accomplish and having little wish to try out the then-upcoming expansion, Cataclysm. I still have good memories from playing this, but the chance of me actually playing it again is pretty much non-existent. But if I did... everything is as I left it all those years ago... Muahahaha. :uritona:

- EVE Online (Aina Sasaki), Played this for a good while, thinking it could very well be the successor to WoW especially due to its heavy economic focus. Ultimately, it only proved that I don't really feel up for doing that again. Eventually did join a major alliance (Goonswarm) and fought one giant space battle (B-R5RB), which is/was the largest battle ever to take place in EVE. Got myself on some Titan killmails. Yey.

- Guild Wars 2 (Yureina.2740, Yak's Bend NA), I seemed to play this game very much on-and-off. But after a third attempt to really get into this game ended in an ugly mess, I think this game has run its course. It's abundantly clear that what helped me become so successful in other MMO's is lacking here: namely mass crafting to make alot of monies. Ultimately, this game has proved to not be worth the time I've invested into it.

- World of Tanks (Yureina), E-100 and Leopard 1... but never again will I touch this grindfest. War Thunder does it better as far as I am concerned. Also I'm better at that than WoT, which is a major plus.
- World of Warships (Yureina, NA), Like WoT, but more watery. I may decide to give this a chance again. I dropped a fair bit of money on premium ships and didn't really use em enough. Perhaps I should fix that.
- Elder Scrolls Online, Got this game from Humble Monthly, played it for a day, and... that was it.
- Killing Floor 2, Haven't really played it. Don't know if I ever will.
- Superpower 2, Moved on.
- Starcraft II, I'm terrible and don't like RTS multiplayer. I was only really in it for the singleplayer anyway.

There is more than this... but I don't feel like putting them on here for some reason. I've got alot of Steam games and can't be arsed to remember them all. XD

If you see that I own something that you may be interested in playing together, let me know. :selphinehappy:
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Warning: Disliking this game is an inadvisable course of action. The Organization has eyes everywhere. They are always watching. And if you make yourself known to them by such a negative opinion, then you may very well never be seen again...

...At least, that's what Okabe would have you believe. What a crazy deluded conspiracy nutter. Or is he? o_o

Anyway, this will actually be my 4th playthrough of this game since I have owned the JAST version of this game on PC for the past 2 years. And yet I was more than willing to buy this game again anyway even though not only is there nothing wrong with my JAST version, it's still installed on this PC. That should pretty much tell you how much I like this game.

The game starts off fairly slow as the characters/world are introduced and fleshed out, but soon leads to serious plot events that only intensify over time. Both the story this game tells and it's characters are of the highest quality. And while that might not be immediately apparent in the prologue chapter, it will become inescapable the further you play through the game. By the time you finish it, I can say with confidence that, aside from the rarest of cases, you will have enjoyed this very much. :D

For those out there who have seen the anime adaptation of this game, you can consider this game to be, in essence, the "full version" of that story. The adaptation did a damn fine job, but not everything could make its way into the anime, of course. Plotlines that might have seemed a bit short are expanded here (Luka and especially Faris get more screentime), and... perhaps some new things lurk to surprise you as well! But that is for me to know and you to learn for yourself. :)

If there is one negative I have to say, however, it's that the port job for this is... bleh. Which I completely do not understand. The JAST version, despite the distaste that comes from buying from a site that basically sells eroges and nothing else, is perfectly functional and easy to play on PC. The bits of this I have played so far... just hasn't been as good. I don't know why they decided to mess with this Steam release when there was already a perfectly functional version of this game on PC that didn't feel like a crappy console port. All they had to do was keep the interface that JAST had, and nobody would be complaining that this was a "bad port". *sigh* Why do game devs/publishers keep screwing up easy things that taint otherwise superb games? Maybe I'm just irritated because this is too soon since Mankind Divided, but still...

But, ultimately, none of that messes up the fact that this game is amazing. At least since it's a VN you won't actually be forced to mess around too much with the lame porting. Just sit back and enjoy the game. :D

If you have an interest in visual novels, excellent characters, and a story that may stay with you long after you finish the game itself... then this is what you are seeking. I cannot recommend this game enough. Steins;Gate stands among the best VN's you could ever play.

El Psy Kongroo.
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