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:hooligan_bored: Im always here whenever it is that you'll need me
Ill still be waiting for you to return Trade Here

Yugure#7148 Raus Raus
Get zem! Just Go For It!

This candy got you sprung.

so long as you still do need me

I would have let go of the future tomorrow,
had I ever known it would end in sorrows
Cross together with you over the wonder line;
Grant my eternal wish reality undo my undermine:YmPoro:Boof
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Theo Jasper Apr 1 @ 12:50am 
Trade sent.
komp Mar 30 @ 4:02pm 
added to ask about your disco beatdown gauzed gaze.
Delten Mar 26 @ 5:00pm 
The best medic set i´ve ever seen and accept request:steamhappy:
kuwu Mar 25 @ 2:07pm 
hello gilbert
Yugure Mar 25 @ 12:13pm 
You'd think for an admin of a popular trade server they'd be more so modest, unbiased, and have a sense of dignity. Then again it is FirePowered; Admins there get upset over the smallest things; Would even block someone's unusual from showing cuz theyre jealous of it; Would kick someone who'd disagree with them. Just comes to show, behind their powers, theyre just another overhyped kid with an easily popped, overly inflated ego who thinks theyre worth more than the avg ow player. xd
Yugure Mar 25 @ 11:54am 
Was a good time to hang the cape. Got more things worthwhile to do than to spend all my time on a trade server.