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My favorite type of games to play are MMOs and most other online multiplayer games. The only type of game I don't usually like to play is FPS games. I used to not like First Person games in general but i started liking them after playing games like Amnesia.
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PLEASE be aware that there is a button for boosting without having the active Turbo Boost powerup! I didn't know about it until very late in the game and it made some of the "Pure" events a lot less difficult when I went back to them.

For singleplayer racing games, this is a fantastic futuristic take on it. The gameplay is very well done and the controls on how to make tight turns are very unique and interesting. It took me a long time in days spent playing it compared to overall hours played, simply because holding down the right trigger to accelerate hurt my finger after a couple hours. I think there is some setting or file you can go into to make it so full acceleration is always on without a button press, but I, personally, didn't even think of it until I was just about done with the game. The music they used for this game is honestly the best part. I love the fact that each area has it's own selection of music. None of them feel out of place and only 1 of them had any kind of annoying bit to them (but was forgivable because it doesn't last that long). I purchased the soundtrack, myself, and cannot stop listening to a few specific tracks. It is that well done! There are only a few downsides to this game. One of them is that some of the "Pure" events are almost impossible to get even bronze medal with unless you are perfect on how you race which will obviously make 100% completion almost impossible. Besides that, the game seems to be a bit too long than I would have liked. Honestly, though, that last complaint is only a problem when hunting down specific events to redo if you didn't get gold medal on everything since it always goes to whichever is closest to the bottom of the list. I still have some "Pure" events that don't have any medals on them, so the game prioritizes them as the next to do once you've finished all events at least once. I have no idea how the game decides what should be the next event after getting at least bronze medal in everything.

I would still very much recommend this game to any casual racing fans that don't want to deal with party style weapons or having to get stuff in the middle of races (other than boosts).

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