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Read Me - I suffer from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Type 2 Diabetes, and some other health & mental problems which affect my moods a lot. So if you do not see me online for a while or if I am on & do not say anything. Do not take it personal! It is what it is, nothing I can do but wait it out.
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Friends - I welcome new friends that I like & game with. I am not interested in adding people that I never talk to, play together with, or that just wish to see how many people they can add to their friends. This isn't FB & I do not have any interest in flooding my friends list with strangers.
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YourNewFetish 16 hours ago 
I bought Far Cry 5 with all the DLC last month & had not noticed it was for uPlay instead of steam. Was a serious disappointment but perhaps some day it will come down in price here so that I can get the Gold edition here also & beat it again. I have beaten it on normal & infamous on uPlay. I have beat it on hard & am in infamous mode on XBox One. I love this game! Its just that awesome that I want it on all 3 platforms, though I had no desire for another PC client game collection being steam is my #1 choice for computer gaming.

Steam = :steamhappy: Others = :shit: