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Requiem for the new World.

Here is the mystery of life and existence.
Please close your eyes again.
Enter the stillness, the eternal void.
If you can find enough love or awareness in yourself,
you will stay conscious and realise as you go deeper that you have been here many times before.
But if your love is not yet sufficient to keep you awake,
you will go unconscious and when the journey through death is concluded,
you will awake in a world equivalent to the love and consciences you are.
You will be more at home than ever before in your life.
Either way you go, conscious or unconscious you still arrive at journeys end.
You will then realise that love is the most important thing in life.
And that the world of the living exists purely for the demonstration of more love.
You will see how far it is from love.
And you will want to tell the whole world what you have discovered.
But that won't be possible because you have to discover that and declare it and live it while you live.
Everyone must discover the secret of love for themselves, if not before they die then after.
No-one can be told.

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