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Alright, so im editing this a few years after I made my original review and lets just say, I had no idea how to write a review on anything let alone a game i havent even been playing for that long or was even that good at. So now i almost have 1k hours on CSGO and im Gold Nova Master, (even though csgo comp is completely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ now) So I think i can make a decent review now.

Im gonna go over the pros and cons and jot them down below.


Fun game


Challenging to master (This one can go both ways depending on the person, if you dont like a
challenge then maybe dont play games in general.)

Great for lan partys

Good graphics

Can run on most things

Cheaper than CS:Source (Weird)

Great combat

Many game modes

Good sounds (I think most of us forgot allot of the old csgo sounds after awhile, and kind of just got used to the new ones. They kind of grew on me,)

Great hud (I love the new Panorama Hud, its a big improvement in my opinion but others would say otherwise...)

Nice skins (Theyre nice, but theyre also a con, which i will explain later.)

And finally.... The updated maps, (I KNOW I KNOW! YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME, "I hate new dust 2 and i miss the old one, I hate new inferno, I hate new nu- Stop. First of all nuke was always♥♥♥♥♥♥ seccond atleast they're TRYING to make the game look better, though some people may not like the new map design, *Besides the new inferno everyone agrees it looks a hell of a lot better* but they're atempting to make the game feel, not so old and make you feel like they actually care about the game and dont just add new skins and make the negev even more op then it should be. In my opinion, new dust isnt even that bad, and it even gave birth to the new terrorist playermodel's on the map. Any ways enough of my ramble, onto the cons.)

Knives (I luv em <3)


Toxic fanbase (I know, I know some people are nice but a magority of people who play csgo can be real Dlck heads! Toxic team mates are the worst, but everyone who plays csgo has said something toxic to someone or even been completely toxic and kick someone or team kill someone if you dont like em. Toxicity just runs in our blood...)

Skins. (Most people can agree the skin system for unboxing crates is bull♥♥♥♥♥♥and its hard to gamble anymore because of the 7 day trade hold bull crap. And skins in general though they look nice, are also a problem. For scamming, for adiction and for them being SO MUCH DAMN MONEY.)

7 day trade hold. (Valve... Your making your skin economy go down with this damn thing. If you dont get rid of it, they will be worthless. I love your game and all, but this one thing is making it VERY DAMN HARD TO TRADE. I know there is ways around it and I could always wait the week, but thats too long man, i have a veri short atention span :C)

Gloves (Everyone thought this was a joke when they came out.)

Servers (You ever get matched with a bunch of non english speaking russians or something like that? yeah, me too....)

Hackers (I know theyre getting banned right left and center but theyre still a con so im gonna keep this up here, sowwy)

Skins (as i said earlier, skins are a con aswell, because though they look nice, THEYRE SO DAMN EXPENSIVE AT TIMES!! Like, its litteraly a virtual gun skin for my virtual *Insert gun name here* I love skins, but i hate them at the same time... They also started a whole new generation of gambling children and almost got loot boxes and stuff like that banned from dutch and belgium and sht.)

I sat here for like an hour thinking of cons and I couldnt think of too many, I know theres a hell of alot more (Which you can post in the comments) but thats really all I have a big problem with. I still love csgo and put way to much time into it. So anyways, im gonna go play it now.

Oh and my verdict.....

8/10 Pretty good game with few flaws

Would i reccomend?: Yeah, why not.

Deku-Kun Jul 14 @ 8:19pm 

1) Choose numbers

2) Press Ctrl + F

3) Press 9

4) Watch the magic
Fallenツ Jul 4 @ 4:14pm 
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gary Jul 4 @ 12:58am 
actually braindead
Deku-Kun Jun 22 @ 10:10am 
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Cranberry Juice Jun 22 @ 6:30am 
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Deku-Kun May 18 @ 7:10pm